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Only older?

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Dee1012 Mon 16-Mar-20 12:27:56

I've just read about a grocer offering early-morning shopping sessions only for people born in 1950 or before.

The owner said he hoped it would "give them a little bit of peace of mind" in the fight against coronavirus.

While I appreciate the kindness here....I can't help thinking, what about those younger with underlying health conditions, etc, it would be nice to see kindness towards those people and/or the disabled.

Or am I being unfeeling?

timetogo2016 Mon 16-Mar-20 12:36:44

Well Dee1012 how very kind of the grocer.
I`m sure most people will show their kindness to others at this moment in time no matter what their situation is.
You clearly would as will i and many Gransnetters will too i`m sure.
Were good at pulling together in this country at times like this.

Jomarie Mon 16-Mar-20 12:37:03

No of course you are not being unfeeling - the complete opposite actually.! I think some good hearted well meaning people are trying to "do their bit" for those who are disadvantaged because of age only. Those younger people with underlying health conditions/disabled etc. are generally assisted by organisations who presumably will be pulling out all the stops to help them but the "ordinary" older person seems at this point in time to be sort of left to the mercy of their own devices and any kindness shown by anyone will be very appreciated in my view even if it isn't politically correct in this day and age. I'm probably going to be "shot down in flames" for having this viewpoint but hey ho - that's just life on gransnet ain't it grin

humptydumpty Mon 16-Mar-20 12:48:46

I wonder how the retailer would know if younger people do, in fact, have underlying health conditions?

Sussexborn Mon 16-Mar-20 12:56:57

Some will be obvious others will have correspondence from DWP or hospitals etc hopefully.