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Empty spaces

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GabriellaG54 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:57:17

^Empty spaces, what are we living for
Abandoned places,I guess we know the score^ The show must go on.
On buses and to and from Guildford today.
I was the only passenger for the outward journey and 1 of 2 (he only travelled 3 stops) on the return. 40 mins both ways.

MawB Tue 17-Mar-20 19:18:03

I expect everybody else was following the government guidelines about only travelling if absolutely necessary, working from home or at least avoiding public transport for obvious reasons!

Daisymae Tue 17-Mar-20 19:38:06

Yes, people taking the advice to keep them out of ICU

EllanVannin Tue 17-Mar-20 20:50:08

Well India have managed to contain it so why haven't we ? And we've seen the number of people who travel ( hang on ) to their buses and trains. India to date has 103 confirmed cases, 22 of which are foreign nationals.

eazybee Tue 17-Mar-20 20:50:41

Strange isn't it. Last week we were pariahs driving in our cars and not using public transport; now we are criticised if we use it. Just one of you in the bus won't come to much harm, but I believe many routes are being cancelled.

Hetty58 Tue 17-Mar-20 20:55:32

Public transport may be stopped altogether (in London at least) if emergency measures come into play. I believe the published statistics for India are as inaccurate as ours. When there's no testing, they don't mean anything!

suziewoozie Tue 17-Mar-20 21:08:16

I keep wondering about India .... humm, we’ll see.

EllanVannin Tue 17-Mar-20 21:14:38

According to an Indian newspaper they are being tested.

suziewoozie Tue 17-Mar-20 21:18:51

Do you know how they are organising their testing EV ?

GabriellaG54 Tue 17-Mar-20 22:03:45

Oh it's fine because if most people follow government guidelines, it means that I can use public transport without fear of contamination, besides, I wore non-latex medical grade gloves.
If I and others don't use public transport, it follows that we will drive cars or use taxis.
Which is the lesser evil? Damned if we do and damned if we don't. confusedgrin

MissAdventure Tue 17-Mar-20 22:54:05

I think there may come a point where there will be nowhere left to go, because of a whole myriad of reasons.
Still, open spaces are fine, I think. 2 metres away from anyone you happen across.