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Homeowners who think they own the road outside their houses

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vampirequeen Wed 18-Mar-20 11:46:12

Yes this is a whinge. I live down a narrow street that is a mixture of council and private properties (used to be all council). Most of my neighbours are lovely but a few seem to think that when they bought their flats they also bought the road in front of their flat. Yesterday one demanded that the electrician working on our flat move his van. He did so to keep the peace. Today another neighbour asked the plumber to move his van because she's trying to sell her flat and has a viewing today. He told her he couldn't because he needed to be outside. He was also interrogated about what work we were having done. He didn't tell them.

Later the plumber and I were talking about vans. I love Trannies. I told him that up to last week we'd had a Trannie Mk6 but had sold her and got a car. We were always aware of the Trannie's size so usually parked in another wider road at the end of our street and only brought her down to the flat when we needed to work on her or put a lot of things in then we'd move her back. We knew they didn't like the van. In fact one of them told me recently that we should get rid of it because it was old. I stopped myself from pointing out that she too was old and maybe we should get rid of her. The plumber then told me at they'd actually mentioned our van and that they didn't like our new (second hand) car either. Apparently it's too big. It's a car. It's not a small car but it's a car and as such we park outside our flat when there is room. We don't think we own the road but use it when it's available. They don't own the road either but seem to think that they do. The daft thing is that I'm disabled so technically could apply to have a disabled parking place marked outside our flat then I'd be the only one with the right to park there but I wouldn't do that because we all should share the road and potential parking spots unless walking is a serious issue.

Jomarie Wed 18-Mar-20 11:51:09

Actually vampirequeen I'd be very tempted to apply for a disabled parking space for yourself - those neighbours sound particularly horrible so it would sort of serve them right !! But you are obviously far too nice a person to do that - I'm not so nice and would be inclined to do so just to shut them up!! grin

vampirequeen Wed 18-Mar-20 11:54:26

I'm not a nice person, I'm just trying to live a quiet life grin but DH doesn't feel the same way. He's just waiting for one of them to say something then the proverbial will hit the fan.

EllanVannin Wed 18-Mar-20 12:02:22

My D is the most patient easy-going person, who owns her house and outside her house is a bloomin' hump on the road and rather than encroach on someone else's space she's half on and half off this hump. Granted it's a big car ( Chrysler ) but she won't put anyone out because of its size.
How's that for consideration ?

vampirequeen Wed 18-Mar-20 12:07:47

Your D sounds lovely. When parking is at a premium we should work together and not claim parts of the road for our private use. It's the assumption that they can claim the road outside their flats that is winding me up. We're not the only people they object to but the two other swore at them when they complained so they don't mention it anymore. We tried to be more friendly than that but perhaps trying to be considerate and accommodating is seen as a sign of weakness.