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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 18-Mar-20 12:10:15

G'Day! It's so good to be back amongst friends after my little sabbatical; soul purged and all that. grin
Passed up on the chance to visit Woolies at 5.00am; that's when the early birds arrived to queue for the "Oldies" 7-8.00 am "shopping window" sad
Of course, when I turned up after lunch there wasn't a drop of milk anywhere, no full cream, no skim, no diet, no long-life; only oat! sad
It had been a warm night, 20C, so was catching up on more beauty sleep! TV news cameras showed a most unhappy looking bunch of "Little Vegemites" or "hoarders" as they are called these days. I reckon we should get back to war-time rationing with coupons!
Tasmania recorded more cases today. No safe places now other than perhaps Antarctica and that would have its own problems.
Even our little computer meetings have been scrubbed because they are held on Council property!

You have to feel sorry for Scousers (I don't!) if the EPL comp. is abandoned because of the virus, just when Liverpool have it sewn up.
Now I have to worry about how to spend my $750 Govt. gift and don't raise that joke about what do you give a person who's got everything? grin
Lovely weather here in Melb. It's 25C at 11.00pm

"Catch you tomorrow! and Good Health

Megs36 Wed 18-Mar-20 22:29:32

Welcome back Rufus,good to see you.
whyarethe shops open so early for the OAP shop, my husband and I will never make that...Obviously not early enough for some though
So many things stopped or closed, do you have ‘lockdown’ as dwell.

fatgran57 Wed 18-Mar-20 22:30:52

Welcome back Rufus glad you are OK! The virus cases in Tasmania are still 7 so far.

We are being careful but may need to buy milk etc soon so may have to go around to Woolies again at some stage.

We did the seniors hour the other day from 7am till 8am but there wasn't a lot on the shelves to buy.

Rainy here the last couple of days but much needed.

We have doctors appointments in the morning bit worried - should I wear a mask?

We won't be able to spend our Government windfall if we can't leave the house for meals etc so won't be able to support local cafes pubs and so on.

Keep well and keep posting Rufuswink

boat Wed 18-Mar-20 22:49:07

Hi Rufus From North Warwickshire in England.

I'm glad you're OK.

In My local town supermarkets are opening at six am with massive queues. It has taken me a week to buy a box of tissues.

Lock down for wrinkleys from this weekend. It might get a bit boring..

Is ooroo aboriginal?

gillybob Wed 18-Mar-20 22:53:19

Hi from Geordieland Rufus I’m glad to see you back . I missed your cringeworthy jokes .

I’m glad you’re okay. Been shopping for my dad today. Managed to get him a chicken (3days worth of meals for him) but sadly no loo roll .

gillybob Wed 18-Mar-20 22:54:12

I agree with rationing ! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

cornergran Wed 18-Mar-20 22:54:15

Good to see you back rufus. We’re off to the oldies shopping hour in the morning. Wish us luck [gri ].

fatgran57 Thu 19-Mar-20 02:45:40

OoRoo is Aussie slang for "see you later/goodbye" mostly used or remembered by older Australians.

BlueBelle Thu 19-Mar-20 04:44:00

Oh good evening rufus glad to see your time on the naughty step is over
So out of interest where does the word ooroo stem from I understand it’s an old term for goodbye I guess like too-dal-oo
so where does that originate from as well are they shortened forms of something else or simple a word someone once said and it caught on for posterity ?

Baggs Thu 19-Mar-20 08:28:26

Welcome back, Rufe.

Bellanonna Thu 19-Mar-20 08:59:50

BlueBelle, one suggestion is that it comes from the French
À tout à l’heure (see you soon).