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Supermarket precautions when delivering to those self-isolating

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MamaCaz Thu 19-Mar-20 11:03:24

A few days ago, I booked a delivery from Tesco (2.5 weeks to wait). It was quite clear on their site that you were self-isolating, you had to say so in the 'instructions for driver' box.
What wasn't as clear, but that I found elsewhere, was that they will then deliver in bags and leave them at your door.

Today, I booked another delivery, this time with Asda, to come about a week later.
On their site, I never saw anything about telling them if you were self-isolating, though I have seen newspaper reports that they are doing the same as Tesco.

Has anyone else ordering from Asda been asked if they are self-isolating? I'm not used to their site, so maybe I missed something.
(I don't know what I was doing wrong, but it took me six attempts to complete the check-out process!)

BlueSapphire Thu 19-Mar-20 17:35:33

Don't know about Asda, but Sainsbury's delivered to me today, and left the shopping bagged and by the back door. Like Tescco, I had to tell them in the delivery instructions.

Susan56 Thu 19-Mar-20 17:38:52

My daughter has put a notice on the door saying they are self isolating and could any deliveries be left in the box they have provided by the door.They have also asked if delivery drivers can ring or knock so they know the delivery has been left.

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 19:39:13

There is a box at the bottom of the page where you can leave instructions.

NotTooOld Thu 19-Mar-20 19:46:33

Thanks for that. I'm new to online supermarket shopping and was wondering what Tesco did for self-isolating customers.