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Buying and printing stamps onlie

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mbmb Fri 20-Mar-20 12:12:33

I have just found out about this useful service

which may help those of you far from a post office or who are trying to avoid supermarkets just to buy stamps. You can send letters or small packets from any post box. This may help those of you who, like me, are trying to keep in touch with GDD by sending cards and letters.

Septimia Fri 20-Mar-20 12:32:34

I live in a rural area miles from a post office or shop, so have used the online system of buying postage for some time, on and off.

A couple of days ago I packed a padded envelope with GD's birthday present, weighed it on the kitchen scales (it just crept into the 'large letter' category), printed off the postage and popped it in the post box. It arrived the next day.

DoraMarr Fri 20-Mar-20 12:44:06

Yes, I used this yesterday to send a card to my cousin in France. It’s very easy. But you know what IT help used to say about the nut on the end of the mouse? I bought some new print cartridges, installed them, put the old ones in a recycling bag, then couldn’t get the printer to work. I kept taking them out and reinserting, turned the printer off at the plug, cursed, tried again, then realised I’d bought the wrong cartridges. Fortunately, I could retrieve the old ones and there was just enough blue ink to print.

Floradora9 Fri 20-Mar-20 17:50:25

Postage goes up this weekend.