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Now this IS worrying............ ....

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phoenix Fri 20-Mar-20 17:47:51

Hello all, and sending every good wish to you.

Now, I've sort of got used to seeing empty shelves ( no fresh chicken, mince etc, God knows what people are doing with it all confused) and still cross about people buying more than they need angry)

But I was a bit shock to go into the supermarket today and find NO CAT LITTER!

Do you think that those who might not be able to find toilet rolls are possibly.............?

Doodle Fri 20-Mar-20 17:51:56

Oh phoenix you’ve caught me out blush. I didn’t think anyone would notice. By he way do you have any spare cat food? Meow 😸

GrannyLaine Fri 20-Mar-20 18:05:38

Oh phoenix that post could only have come from you. I've often thought that training your cat to use the lavatory is a good idea..........
But are you really suggesting........?

phoenix Fri 20-Mar-20 18:16:38

Oh bum, I'm becoming predictable!

GrannyLaine there are loads of videos on YouTube showing how to train your cat to use the loo/toilet/lavatory (take your pick, some day it's class based confused)

However, I've not seen any about humans using a litter tray..........Not that I've looked, and definitely would want to!

Barberdice Fri 20-Mar-20 18:17:04

Just had to reply to that Phoenix.
Made me laugh so much!

Barberdice Fri 20-Mar-20 18:18:28

Needed a good laugh and this is certainly doing the trick!

paddyanne Fri 20-Mar-20 18:30:10

My Aunt and Uncle had a cat that would only use the loo ,that was in the late fifties and early sixties.Mine will only use litter ,they ownt "go" outside.I get my litter from Pets at Home ,its the pellets and its £6.99 for a big 30 litre bag

Bridie22 Fri 20-Mar-20 18:44:41

Phoenix....tried for days to get cat litter without success , any tips ? No way I can hold my fat cat over the loo !!!

Auntieflo Fri 20-Mar-20 18:48:03

Phoenix, thanks for the laugh.
Keep on bringing them

GrannyLaine Fri 20-Mar-20 18:53:09

phoenix our cat is 15 and goes outside. My daughter has a beautiful Bengal girl who I think could have been lavatory trained quite successfully, though I have to say she does tend to use random acts of toilet misbehaviour when she is aggrieved about something. I secretly admire the mayhem she causes.

phoenix Fri 20-Mar-20 19:34:59

Thanks for the responses!

We have 2 cats, Oliver Sprout and Minnie (long time members, note not "old", may remember our other mogs, and my ramblings about them, Maurice, Digby, Clucky and Lily, all deceased and missed sad)

Oliver Sprout is on the whole a fairly well behaved chap, but Minnie will go out then come back in and head straight for the potty litter tray!

I could throttle the little baggage darling!

GrannyLaine Fri 20-Mar-20 19:44:05

They make me laugh so vexed when they come running in to use the litter tray and dash straight back out again