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How to adjust?

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Greymar Sat 21-Mar-20 13:37:31

I can't quite wrap my head around this. I'm not a fan of technology, I may be able to gather the self disipline needed to do an on line course but I can't imagine doing my regular acitivities " on line". I don't want to look at a screen and do yoga!

I know so many people are in a much worse postition but I seem to be struggling.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 21-Mar-20 13:45:28

I am also struggling Greymar I normally go to our small local gym three days a week, two classes on Monday and Friday and one on a Wednesday.

We have a whatsapp group set up, but it is not the same.

I appreciate that there are lots of people far worse off than me, on their own, no family and few friends, but I'm having a bit of a wobble at the moment.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Mar-20 13:57:25

Me too greymar I was trying to work out whilst no one likes this situation some seem to be adjusting better than others and I realised although I am retired i have never really stopped work I still have certain days and certain times when I do a b or c I have never been someone who gets any pleasure out of cooking and cleaning or other home making activities
I like and need structure eg get up at 7 get showered get ready for work at 8 etc etc. The thought of just getting up any old time makes be feel very unsettled and insecure
This isn’t meant to sound pious but I ve never been any good at thinking about myself I always need to be ‘looking after’ (I don’t mean necessarily physically) someone else getting ideas of making their life easier etc etc first my children, then my Nan, then my mum and dad, then my grandkids plus my work which involves trying to fit people’s needs with an outcome This is why I m mentally flapping there’s no contact, no one to do anything for, but I am a strong minded person so I will adjust and find something and I have to make my own daily structures and I will but it’s not an easy adjustment
Take care greymar

BlueBelle Sat 21-Mar-20 13:59:49

And you grannygraey you’re post hasn’t shown up when I wrote
Perhaps we need a wobbling group !
Love to every wobbler

Greymar Sat 21-Mar-20 14:03:13

Feel slightly less orrible now. Let's set up a thread for jellies.

M0nica Sat 21-Mar-20 14:03:52

Surely the first thing to do is impose an order on your life, even if you are alone. Get up at the same time. Dress properly, go for awalk (if you can) and so on so that the day has a structure

Helenlouise3 Sat 21-Mar-20 14:11:52

I've already been indoors for 10 days as I've had the "common flu". I've started enjoying my first coffee of the day, instead of rushing around getting ready for work, then pampering myself after my shower. I've been reading a lot more, doing jigsaws on line and plenty of knitting. We are self distancing as hubby has bronchitis, so we'll both be off work for 12 weeks now. This morning we went to B & Q by the time it opened and have bought paper and paint, so will use the time to decorate the kitchen and paint the hall stairs and landing. This evening, hubby & I are going to have drink or two and have a game of cards. I will admit to almost having a few tears last night, when I thought about the sad position that the world is in.

Greymar Sat 21-Mar-20 14:26:20

With all due respect Monica, I have struggled with a lack of motivation for many years now. The classes and so on were my life line. If I was the sort of person who could organise and motivate, I wouldn't be so lost.

Maybe some other people " get that " I don't know.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Mar-20 14:33:42

Monica that is perfectly sensible advice, but very black and white, not everyone has such an ordered brain and it may not come naturally to everyone of course getting up, showering, eating breakfast are structure that come naturally it’s the rest that comes after that that isn’t so easy
I have my get up times my bed times and my meal times I m struggling with the rest but I will get there

M0nica Sat 21-Mar-20 14:39:33

Well, I am having a lazy unstructured day today, but will have a timetable by Monday. I am good at drawing the timetebales up, but not good at sticking to them. I am hoping that three months that will be clear of other distractions, will help me turn my capcity to organise to a capcity to act on the organisation.

FlexibleFriend Sat 21-Mar-20 15:03:33

I find my lack of mobility has already prepared me for long stints of being on my own and needing to pace myself drastically with jobs around the house. I can still cook and clean but blimey it takes me forever. I've found it amazing that I've just accepted my lot and got on with it. There really is no point fretting about the things you can't change just find a way around them, a way to deal with them.

grandMattie Sat 21-Mar-20 15:09:22

Hating not having structure to the week. Everyday is identical to the last. No church, no tai chi, no Spanish classes, no visiting. It’s hard. Am getting fed up with DH who get obsessed with going walking. We have a 2 mile walk every morning, but hw will insist on going for a 5 mile walk to “get exercise”. He gets grumpy if he doesn’t. How many more day?

Juliet27 Sat 21-Mar-20 15:18:17

I'm with you greymar and blueBelle. I can't even remember what enthusiasm feels like!

Greymar Sat 21-Mar-20 15:29:27

Again, with all respect Flexible my rational brain tells me there is no point worrying and so on. Unfortuately, I am not rational.

A rather gorgeous man has just dropped by to tidy up my tiny garden, I may feel some interest in this project .

M0nica Sat 21-Mar-20 16:05:22

grandmattie, there are a lot of online Tai Chi workouts on Youtube. You could stay homa and do that while your DH goes for his 5 mile walk. my Tai Chi tutor has made his own DVD so next week I will return to doing Tai Chi. He has promised another one in May and possibly online classes.