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Kind thoughts to all of you on Mother's Day

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Judy54 Sun 22-Mar-20 13:20:55

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing my thoughts are with you. You may not be spending Mother's Day in the usual way with your family but I send greetings to you all. Let's say a big thank you to Mum's everywhere today. Keep well and keep safe.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 13:21:55

Thanks judy

Same to you and here are some flowers for you

Have a good day.

Calendargirl Sun 22-Mar-20 13:27:45

Don’t wish to sound like ‘poor me’, but some of us with family who live other side of the globe haven’t seen DD on Mothering Sunday for 20 years or more.
So with luck, MS may be back to normal next year?
It is just a day.

grannygrunt Sun 22-Mar-20 13:36:06

My children have had Mothers Day presents delivered and have visited me but with me just inside the front door and them at the end of a fairly long path! It was lovely to just see them in person instead of FaceTime.

Labaik Sun 22-Mar-20 13:45:40

I spoke to my son on the phone last night and said that I was ok talking to him and his sister on facebook/phone etc but that actually seeing them from a distance would make me break down. Then, strangely enough, as I was coming back from a short dog walk my daughter jogged past me, so we spoke from opposite sides of the road and I was ok. My grandsons sent me a lovely hand drawn card via facebook. Just looking at it raises my spirits. All I want, at this moment in time, is for my children and grandchildren to stay safe. Everything else is meaningless somehow.

Greymar Sun 22-Mar-20 13:52:15

My son has just bought me a coffee from one of the few remaining shops which is open...Greggs! Please don't have a go, it was all done safely.

Good Wishes to all.

Rosalyn69 Sun 22-Mar-20 13:55:25

Happy Mother’s Day to us all.
My son left my present in the porch and we shouted over the garden wall.
We look forward to a big celebration of all the things we have missed or will miss during this upheaval.
But we must keep cheerful and upbeat.
We had a drive thru coffee today and sat in our car by the beach. A treat.

Judy54 Sun 22-Mar-20 18:07:11

Thank you for the replies and thank you especially Oppsadaisy for the flowers. I hope you all had as good a day as possible.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 22:01:49

We did Judy thanks, hope you did too, we didn’t see anyone, but I put our Teddy Bears in the window in case the children in the village are going around counting them. My Teddy’s have been in the bedrooms of our various homes since I was a child, it was about time they had a look out of the window!