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parkersheen Sun 22-Mar-20 14:01:43

I didn't hear the talk on the radio Greeneyedgirl but I think the gist of what you say is true. Apart from the selfish few, people are coming together and focusing on the positives. Singing to each other in streets and balconies, posting helpful and positive thoughts and even the funny memes. I don't think that these things are not taking Coronavirus seriously, I think they are making the best of a bad and scary situation and bringing people together (but 2 metres apart!) I hope the community spirit building will last long after the virus is gone.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 22-Mar-20 13:54:39

Michael Morpurgo on Radio 4 'A Point of View' this morning?
If not its available on BBC Sounds, and I thought he was very good.

Talk was about 9 minutes and entitled Cause for Hope.

Briefly, he points out that we have become a very divided society, by age, class, and the 'have' and 'have nots', and no longer a 'United' kingdom either.

He says that we may learn much from this crisis, that the Coronovirus will be the great leveller, and that the only way we can survive is to work together for the common good. Hopefully we will have a more inclusive society at the end of it.

I think it's worth a listen anyway.