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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 26-Mar-20 06:13:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a nice blue sky start here in Brackley this morning.
I have been feeling a bit rough , throat wise , with changing temperatures, both outside and in .
My throat , think it was caused by putting something in the microwave that was over hot, therefore burning the throat , making digesting hard food wise, otherwise I am OK.

brook2704 Thu 26-Mar-20 07:44:51

Good morning everyone from Inverness. After a wet drizzling day yesterday it’s dry now and some bits of blue sky peeping through the clouds.
Mick I hope you’re feeling better soon and please take care
Welcome Liljan 👋
Like many others I’m missing my DGC such a lot - they’re going to get the biggest cuddle ever when I eventually see them again
Take care everyone please 💐

Lins1066 Thu 26-Mar-20 07:47:01

Good Morning Mick and all. Beautiful sunny morning on the S Welsh coast.
Welcome Liljan.
Will wash some sheets today and empty and clean another kitchen cupboard, quite a few to go.
Take care everyone.

kittylester Thu 26-Mar-20 07:49:37

Good morning all from a bright North Leicestershire where we had an overnight frost.

My lovely sort of DiL brought us some supplies last night - she rang the door bell and went half way down the drive before we opened the door. She also brought a bunch of flowers!

She and DS 2 are both working from home and their two sons have been 'furloughed' so I think she was glad to risk her life by going shopping. grin

Hoping everyone stays well!

NfkDumpling Thu 26-Mar-20 07:50:53

Morning All

Yet another beautiful morning here in Norfolk although there was a frost again last night. The skies are definitely benefiting from the lack of plane contrails. I haven’t seen it so clear since that volcano blew off in Iceland.

Got a load of random tubs filled with compost and soil yesterday and a few seeds planted. I’ll be out there again today when its warmed up a bit. Our garden has never looked so neat and organised, it’ll look like Kew in miniature in a week or two.

Gilly - re your DD’s horrible dog. A thought. Has she considered that the dog may not be happy? That it may be happier living in the company of other dogs in kennels? Some dogs are. They just don’t like being around people. It’s not her dog so she needed feel guilty, she has tried with the animal, but if it’s not happy perhaps it should be given a chance to find a new home. Perhaps in the country with other dogs around.

Urmstongran Thu 26-Mar-20 07:52:42

Good morning everyone from a gloriously sunny Malaga. About bluddy time it’s been miserable shut up in this tiny apartment since Saturday and not even allowed out for a walk.

Thursday is our supermacado day now. We aren’t allowed out in two’s so Himself goes with a list. It’s Day 12 of a 29 day lockdown now.

Our youngest daughter teaches and there is a rota system for staff at the school as obviously there are less children attending. Thursday is one of her days. She will be in my thoughts. Her own children are home with daddy. Our son in law is self employed, no money coming in yet although Rishi Sunak (apparently named Dishi Rishi by some in the Commons!) is to make an announcement this afternoon.

Hope you get some good news today gillybob about paying wages today for your ‘lads’ (and some money for yourselves). This must be very stressful.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone. x

Marydoll Thu 26-Mar-20 07:54:45

Good morning all from a damp and cloudy Glasgow, it's 8C here. Mick, you need to be careful. Best to stay at home, until you are sure you are ok.

Like Bluebelle, I was a bit low yesterday and will need to give myself a good shake.The thought of 12weeks incarceration, without seeing my wee DGD is really getting me down. I usually see her most days.

I managed to do a bit of tidying up around the garden yesterday and plan to do wee bit each day, if possible. It's therapeutic. It's so frustrating to be unable to do the heavy work, like power washing the drive and painting the decking.

The new MOT rules do not apply to DH, as his is due to expire on Saturday. His the dealership has twice cancelled,but after days of phoning round, he has managed to get an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed.
GG, thanks for taking the time to message me yesterday with the latest news.

My new treatment on Monday has been postponed. I have tried to speak to the rheumatologist specialist nurses for four days, with no success, so I have taken the decision to postpone.
However, I have discovered that the drug infusion I was meant to start, has been used with great success in China for Covid 19 Now isn't that ironic?

Maw. and Susan, how worrying for you. I hope your wee grandchildren improve quickly.

Welcome to all the newbies and hugs for all with worries and I'll health. 💐

CherryCezzy Thu 26-Mar-20 07:59:22

DoraMarr you have suggested (the 🍯) just as I was about to come back and do, like minds and all that. I was also going to say Mick drink water slowly and don't have it too cold.
Welcome liljan .

Gingster Thu 26-Mar-20 08:02:23

Another beautiful start to the day here on the Suffolk coast. It’s a little misty in the horizon but calm and peaceful. I made a soda bread loaf yesterday but it turned a bit like a brick. Think I used the wrong flour but that’s all I had. I’ll see what I can do with it, something I hope. Otherwise the seagulls will enjoy it. A long walk for us after breakfast, then clearing out sheds and garage. Trouble is what do we do with the things we’re throwing out? 🤣. Have a pleasant day. 😊

Esther1 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:12:17

Good Morning from Surrey. DH and I have been keeping busy with gardening outside - this weather has certainly come at the right time. It doesn’t seem real yet - weeks of lock down ahead, and I have a feeling everything is going to hit me like a ton of bricks anytime now. I miss my baby gc so much already. I need to give myself a talking to and count my blessings! I think Gransnet is going to help us all.

Pittcity Thu 26-Mar-20 08:16:34

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Not forecast to be as warm as yesterday. We managed a long walk and a civilised shop yesterday. We usually shop daily but decided to plan and got a week's worth. We are lucky to live two minutes from Lidl.
Will have another walk today and join in an online pub quiz tonight.

EllanVannin Thu 26-Mar-20 08:18:29

Good Morning All x
Doing well with the weather this week so far and it makes a difference when it's bright and sunny.

Sad day today as it's the funeral of my GGC's dad ( 33 ). I would normally have gone if only to support my daughter who's taking 3 of the children but there's a limit of people plus it wouldn't be wise for me to attend.
He died on the 2nd of this month from a chest infection through a lowered immune system due to blood cancer-HL.
God Bless him. x

I'll keep myself busy with something, like cleaning the windows as the window cleaner was here this week so now marks on the inside are noticeable.

The old stray tom cat that I feed every day outside and has his own kennel has just devoured 3 pouches of Felix and a handful of cat biccies. He can't half eat and has been around for years. No wonder I have to buy extra cat food.
He looks a bit moth-eaten in places and limps a bit more than usual but keeps going----remarkable considering he's around and about in all weathers. Loves a Sunday dinner as well !

Hope everyone is keeping well. This " thing " hasn't hit home yet as certain foods are going to be hard come by as less deliveries from Europe will happen before long. I'll know if/when my D has to go on shorter working hours as she checks vehicles coming off the Belfast/Liverpool ferries.
Food prices will increase.

Stay safe and well and try and not to come in contact with anyone outside the family. My thoughts are with everyone here. Gillybob, PM speaking today on self-employment. xx

Nortsat Thu 26-Mar-20 08:21:15

Good morning Mick and the GM team, from sunny east London.
Day 10 of shielding for me ... that means 74 to go ... mostly I am trying not to think about it.

Our ex-stray cat, is much better today, hurrah. I plan to do some housework and make a shepherds pie for supper.
I have ordered lovely Easter Eggs on line, for the family, as I can’t go out and choose them.
It’s my cousins birthday this week, I will send her card, but won’t ask my partner to make a trip to the Post Office to post her present. That will just have to wait.

Good thoughts to all in Sick Bay.
Marydoll - pleased to see your post today.
Good wishes to Maw and Susan
Nfkdumpling - looking forward to some pics of your pots in a few weeks
Bluebelle and Gillybob - hoping you have a better day.
💐💐 to all ...

QuaintIrene Thu 26-Mar-20 08:23:05

Good morning everyone from sunny West Yorkshire.
Spent most of yesterday sorting things out for the tip. Lugged all sorts outside ready to be collected. The tip closed on Monday ☹️ Well, it will all have to stay there until normal service is resumed. My back is killing me.
I am still staying away from too much news. I saw that on iPlayer there is a Mallory Towers adaptation to watch, so I shall have a look later.
Mind yourself, Mick
Big cat sleeps more and more. Oh dear. But she seems ok apart from losing her “spring” just like me I suppose.
Do take care everyone. This too shall pass.

harrigran Thu 26-Mar-20 08:30:02

Good morning from a sunny NE.
Went into the garden yesterday, DH pulled out my plants from last summer and sprayed the weeds.
Photos and video clip from GC so we can see what they are doing, youngest had been planting seeds and were all on the sunny kitchen window sill. I noted that the markers showed they were all herbs and salad leaves, she will tend them.
I think I need to do some physical activity today, my joints are sore and stiff.
Take care everyone.

Maybelater2020 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:32:01

Good morning all. Another bright sunny start to the day here in Chester. Still in bed with a cup of tea and my little dog snuggled up alongside me. Shh, she doesn't know it but I am having my first attempt at grooming her today. I had to cancel her appointment with the groomer last week and her coat was already long. She will not be able to wait until this is over so no other option but to tackle it myself. It could take a long time.
Take care everyone.

NanKate Thu 26-Mar-20 08:34:44

Morning Mick and All.

Another lovely sunny day in South Bucks.

Do look after yourself Mick we rely on you to kickstart the day for us.

My DH has always gone to bed late at night but he didn’t join me till 02.00am I asked him this morning why he was so late and he was very pleased with himself as he had managed for the very first time to log onto the Tesco site at midnight and get a slot and he put in an order. I won’t complain when we get things I don't think we need. What a star he is.

A number of my much older WI friends sadly do not use the Internet and rarely mobile phones and they are so cut off because of this. I am so grateful for all the different things I can access just because I can click on every day.

Good to have you back Marydoll. Being cut off from our grandchildren is so hard. Our eldest DGS FaceTimed us yesterday to teach us a dance called the Funky Chicken 😂

Susan56 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:35:59


Taichinan Thu 26-Mar-20 08:45:00

Good morning Mick and all. So sorry about your throat Mick - sounds really painful. Well, in the old world I'd be off to teach two classes this morning - I know that because my alarm went off! How silly not to have cancelled it!! Had a lovely peaceful time sitting by the pond watching the goldfish yesterday. They have decided it's time to feed again. I find them very therapeutic for some reason and can sit there for ages - a form of meditation I suppose. Thoughts going out to all worried about loved ones and with financial problems too. Isn't it amazing just how many have volunteered to help the NHS! I wish I could, but I suppose the biggest help I can give (I'm 78) is stay out of the way, do as I'm told and not get ill! Hey ho. Have various things lined up to do today but there's no incentive to do anything and as the world's greatest procrastinator I need an incentive! Any suggestions? Have as good a day as you can - and thoughts to those who are alone today 💐🦋

grannysyb Thu 26-Mar-20 08:47:10

Good morning all, bright and sunny here. Off to allotment again this morning, and must clean kitchen and bathrooms this afternoon. I have had to cancel my lovely cleaner for the duration, I sent her a text and her reply was that her husband wasnt too good so they were in isolation.

Auntieflo Thu 26-Mar-20 08:47:25

Good morning Michael, Annie and all. Do take care of your throat Mick.
I felt a bit down when I woke up this morning, but after my cup of tea, am beginning to be more like myself, if that makes sense.
Marydoll, glad to hear that your talking to has worked, but don't go and overdo things.
One of our neighbours rang and offered to get supplies yesterday, for which I was very grateful. They have small twins and a 9 year old, so must be busy. I now have to figure out how to pay them safely.
Today, DH has a telephone conversation scheduled with the oncology Dr.
Our neighbours children have put a beautiful rainbow picture in their window. I think it's a lovely idea.
I shall probably go into the garden and potter and attack a few weeds. It does make you feel better, being able to be outside in the sun.
I suddenly remembered that I have 3 or4 painting/colouring books, some water colours and a box of new coloured pencils, stashed away in one of my sewing room drawers. They were given to me to keep me occupied after an op. last year, so I am going to fish them out and see if DH can unleash his artistic side.
Ginster, can you use your bread to make a bread pudding?

I keep thinking of Gillybob and hoping and praying that she can get somebody to allay her fears over their business and the problems that she has over her staff.
Hoping everyone has a good day, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Take care and stay safe.

Mapleleaf Thu 26-Mar-20 08:56:06

Good morning all,
A lovely sunny morning again without a cloud in the sky.
Waiting to log onto zoom (if I’ve done it properly, that is) for first online Pilates session. Knowing me, though, I’ll have done it wrong! 😉
Look after that sore throat mick.
Haven’t read everyone’s posts beyond Micks yet, so will catch up later and let you know how I got on. Take care everyone.

Taichinan Thu 26-Mar-20 08:56:23

Just popping back in for EllanVanin. So sorry to hear if the death so young of your GGC dad. My SiL died nearly four years ago aged 41 and DD found great support and comfort from an on-line charity called Widowed and Young. Please do point your GGCs' mum in their direction - they are so good. I too was widowed young and wish I'd had support like that 🦋💐

vena11 Thu 26-Mar-20 09:00:27

Good morning from another sunny morning in Bristol.
Well I started the spring clean, cleaned out a few cupboards in one room and dusted down the walls washed lamp shades ect I will finish it today.
I hope everyone has a peaceful day and try to keep positive .

Anniebach Thu 26-Mar-20 09:03:17

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

So sorry EllanVanin , my husband was 30, I hope the mother
of your GGC gets support. She will need it

gillybob Thu 26-Mar-20 09:11:39

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a bright start to Thursday (normally one of my slightly better days....Friday Eve...... but they are all my worst days at the moment) .

Another sleepless night and woke with even more spots than yesterday . I did a shop for my dad yesterday and think Asda May finally have it under control . Couldn’t get everything on his list but managed to substitute most things . Felt tearful leaving it on his doorstep and him waving from the window. I eventually rang him from the car to say he could come to the door as long as I stayed back on the road . He was a proper control freak when I was a child and I was terrified of him well into adult hood, but seeing him yesterday made me realise that he’s just a vulnerable old man . sad

Spent so many hours on hold to various organisations yesterday without any luck whatsoever. I ended up sending emails to random email addresses within the LA, The bank and such, although I don’t expect anyone will respond or even read them for that matter.

Still no information available regarding how to pay my lads apparently the system is still being developed. Now my real dilemma (well it’s slightly more than that) is ..... do I pay them anything today? Do I pay them SSP? Do I pay them the 80% being talked about but no information as to how to claim? Bearing in mind that this will all be added to the already large overdraft that is secured on mine and DH’s very modest home. It’s a no brainier that I can’t pay myself (why would I add to my own debt.) which means I will have to start cancelling direct debits pretty soon .

It’s great that Boris came out with these help packages but to cut to the chase “show me the money” or at least assure me it will arrive very soon.

I’m so sorry for yet another miserable post . Maybe I should start my own thread of misery which would save all the good morningers the pain of even seeing my name. (I really don’t expect anyone to read my drivel but it helps me getting it out) and I’ve got no one else to talk to about it .

I think I will make another cup of tea, sit back and read all the lovely Good Morning posts at my leisure without the sound of “on hold music” or “your call is important to us” ringing in my ears .

Thinking of all my lovely Gransnet friends and hoping we all make it through these awful times . A little worse for wear maybe, but virtually unscathed .

Love Gillybob xx