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This made me smile

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kittylester Sat 28-Mar-20 10:51:42

A lot

Hetty58 Sat 28-Mar-20 10:57:26

And me!

Grammaretto Sat 28-Mar-20 11:03:29

Very funny. DH did not smile.....

annsixty Sat 28-Mar-20 11:28:10

Have you seen the twitter thingy about using Wembley stadium to make a ginormous lasagna?
The underground pitch heating and the closed roof will make an oven to cook it.
It will then be cut up and drones will drop pieces to households.
It is rumoured that the french will make a enormous garlic baguette, long enough to fill Eurostar from end to end and then send that over to go with the lasagna.

Greyduster Sat 28-Mar-20 12:25:04


Witzend Sat 28-Mar-20 12:53:48


EllanVannin Sat 28-Mar-20 13:02:26

grin grin

Urmstongran Sat 28-Mar-20 13:05:11

Love it kitty!

Lucca Sat 28-Mar-20 13:10:12

Here’s one for all you crafty people

Sussexborn Sat 28-Mar-20 13:14:27

Love it!

Susan56 Sat 28-Mar-20 13:35:40


Charleygirl5 Sat 28-Mar-20 13:38:42


Maybelater2020 Sat 28-Mar-20 13:47:56

Ha hagrin

Squiffy Sat 28-Mar-20 14:15:45

Brilliant - both of them! 😂😂😂

Eloethan Sat 28-Mar-20 16:24:22

May7 Sat 28-Mar-20 16:46:01

Yep that's my favourite toogrin

NannyJan53 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:44:39

Saw this today which made me smile

sodapop Sat 28-Mar-20 17:52:56

Love it kittylester 😂not sure Grandad will though

fevertree Sat 28-Mar-20 19:53:21

I liked this one smile

fatgran57 Sun 29-Mar-20 02:10:48

On a grimmer note

May7 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:05:41

Oh good grief you scared the b'jesus out of me then fatgran57

Hated that film gave me nightmares.
I Remember when A Hopkins was being interviewed about the film. He said he liked to watch his films in small cinemas and observeshock the audience. On this occasion after the film had finished he tapped on the shoulder of the lady in the row in front of him to ask her opinion and she screamed . shock

GeminiJen Mon 30-Mar-20 11:41:18

“Mobberly WI have issued the following guidance for isolation.

Right ladies, Judith Bickerstaffe has kindly emailed the crochet patterns for the face masks and matching underwear sets. Anyone who runs out of wool should message Delia who will leave fresh supplies in a vacuum sealed sandwich bag on your doorstep. She will knock the theme tune to Miami Vice on your door so you know it's her, you'll have to take pot luck on colours, but I do know there is a particularly lovely shade of burnt copper.

Mavis has drawn up a rota for the Haz Mat suit and WW2 Gas Mask, it is one size fits all so please don't specify size requirements.

If any of our less able members need provisions such as bread, milk, wine, Gin or pickled walnuts please contact Cynthia, who will pop to the shops for you providing her moped isn't being used by her grandson for pizza deliveries.

Laura will go ahead with her useful and inspirational talk on Christmas and other gifts made from j-cloths via Skype.

Connie is finishing off the template for making an emergency face mask and draft excluder from a spare bra. I know some members have raised concern that as Connie is a 46GG she has more material to work with than most, but she assures me her template will be scalable from 32 A upwards.

Audrey wants to apologize for the mix-up with the medication run, but please be rest assured Joan suffered no side effects from taking Marjorie Butterworth's husband Viagra and haliborange. And likewise Marjorie's husband seems to have responded really well to the HRT. Marjorie says they even agreed on the pattern for their new curtains.

Sad news because of the Government announcement, the trip to Leeds and 'Miss Fifi's Private Dungeon and Macrame club' has been postponed and at this moment we don't have a rescheduled date.

Great news: we have already started collecting prizes for the summer fayre raffle. It looks like the star prize this year may well be a pack of 9 Andrex Quilted Aloe Vera toilet rolls. Shortly followed by a complete set of knitted Nolan Sisters toilet roll covers. Mavis says any resemblance between Colleen and Anne Widdecombe is purely coincidental.

Right Ladies I must dash, I hear Springitts has just had a fresh delivery of tinned prunes.“

Eloethan Mon 30-Mar-20 11:47:06

Very funny GeminiJen. I particularly liked the bra face mask bit and the toilet rolls prize.