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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:02:46

Hope you are all enjoying your first taste of Summer(time)!
Not too bad here, 25C, in fact quite barmy, sorry, balmy!
Not yet at the former stage inspite of "house arrest" and like a good boy, I'm STAYING INDOORS!. while Freda toughs it out in the garage! hmm
Sorry at the news of 2 deaths, one each in Tasmania and the ACT. Our PM announced a very generous package today to help businesses and staff retain as much contact as possible, until "we come out of this on the other side", ^6 months seems interminable but who knows? sad
fatgran Apropos seaweed! My current read; "The Doomsday Book", dug out of my "To Read" archives) says " One of the organisms in which radio-activity can be concentrated is sea-weed, and in Wales people eat a food known as "laver bread" made from it."
So there you go fatgran, perhaps you could get a few recipes from our Welsh colleagues, although it will be a dark day if it comes to that!. The author also includes oysters and shellfish, but "No thanks!"
I noticed elsewhere that someone was expressing thanks for the absence of light aircraft overhead in the current crisis.
When we lived in Windsor we were about 8 miles West of Heathrow, directly in line with runway 1 and when planes were landing they were over our house 90 seconds apart.
Standing in our backgarden we could spot 6 planes at a time in line circling out towards Reading before lining up! Our house must have been a marker!
Then we had the anti-social pilots, usually Pan-Am who flew specially low to give everyone a close-up photo-shoot of the Castle! Happy days!
When we arrived in Melb, we immediately went house hunting on the opposite side to Tullamarine! grin
Megs So you're giving up your place on the stool, after all the polishing that's gone into it! wink, but I hope we'll still be "Buddies"!?
Did I hear correctly some talk of the EPL not coming back!?
That really would be a sad day! sad Oh well!
Good Health everyone!

Jane10 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:08:26

Hi Rufus2. You sound like you're in fine form. We've sort of slumped into a vague routine. No rush to get dressed. Surf various devices for ages. DH has business phone calls involving shouting. Lunch. A walk. Then TV. As a special treat I've saved up a washing to do today woohoo!
This slow lifestyle has worked wonders for my blood pressure. Well that and the sensible meals we're having. Shopping tomorrow is a big deal. Much preparation. Then on return jettison clothes and have a shower before decontamination the poor shopping.
Stay safe!

Rufus2 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:25:28

before decontamination the poor shopping
Jane What do you spray it with, or do you put it into a UV cabinet?. smile
I stumbled on a (serious) video earlier on whereby a fellow, must have been an American, was showing us what to do when returning home with the groceries. Sprayed everything in sight with disinfectant, then wiped it all with a disinfectant-soaked cloth! I'd lose my appetite very quickly! hmm

Jane10 Mon 30-Mar-20 17:13:03

Rufus2 I do wipe over the shopping with antibacterial wipes. They've now run out so I'm making up a solution of Dettol for the big shop tomorrow. I do dread doing the shopping. It's scary out somehow. Empty car parks, very Sci fi somehow.

grandMattie Mon 30-Mar-20 17:16:42

Rufus2 We used to live near Aldermaston. No planes were allowed to overfly, just in case... so it was pretty quiet.

MawB Mon 30-Mar-20 17:44:05

Jane10 I find it hard to believe you dread doing the shopping and find it scary? With sensible precautions, what is the problem?
Empty car parks - whats not to like?

rafichagran Mon 30-Mar-20 18:30:19

Evening Rufus
Just got in from work, clothes jettisoned, hands washed and then straight into the shower. Going to work makes it feel like a proper Monday.
Keep inside and keep safe. Hope everyone on this thread is ok.

Jane10 Mon 30-Mar-20 22:13:31

MawB it's obviously hard to convey the horrible feel of it all. It was sort of OK in the shop although I'm a regular and know all the staff, none of them were there, all new faces. It was all like a horrible dream. The wide open spaces where there used to be cars in the car park. The unnatural quiet. I really didn't like it and was glad to be home.

fatgran57 Tue 31-Mar-20 06:01:25

Looked at Laver bread recipes Rufus and wasn't really tempted!

Although if times get really tough.....

We are staying put still but husband has got both sons in law running about getting various bits and pieces for him for projects he is doing.

Now he is saying that he wished he had built some sort of railway track from the top of the drive down to his huge workshop so that he can bring in more heavy machinery.

I just had to help steer some great big metal thing jacked up on boards down to the workshop. If the virus doesn't get me OH will!

Sent son in law's father some scones and cake today, he is in his 80's and in a tiny unit so will be finding it hard going. He is very deaf also and his English is sometimes hard to understand, hope he is managing.

Did you get your $750 from the government yet? We haven't had ours, maybe tomorrow. Trouble is we can't leave the house to spend it hmm

I never thought I would miss going to the supermarket but when I can't go I find I want to! Don't want to ask the girls to do too much shopping as they have their own families to buy for also.

Anyway Rufus, keep well and keep posting.

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 07:49:12

It hadn’t occurred to me to change my clothes after shopping. Oo-er!

It hadn’t occurred to Mr Baggs either and he is far more concerned about this whole Covid19 thing and I am. my main concern is the (possibly necessary) trampling on our normal freedoms. I hope we can revert to a free society after it’s all over.

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 07:49:43

*thing than I

Megs36 Tue 31-Mar-20 09:51:51

Hello Rufus, Buddy! we're still STAYING IN as my husband isHigh Risk, should I have known that when we got married 60 years ago I wonder , I won’t know what a shop looks like when it’s ‘all over’, at least I’m not spending any money.
All the best as usual.