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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 01-Apr-20 14:53:11

Well, Well, Well! or "3 holes in the ground" as me Mam used to say, and No!, I don't know what it meant either! Too profound, even for me! grin
Just had a quick squiz at some other threads and I agree with one poster regarding a miserable one. OK, we are all reacting to news concerning this virus in our own personal ways, but I see no value in sharing doom and gloom!
As has been said before, "a problem shared means that more than one person has a problem!" hmm
On a happier note; we are about to get 24 hours rain after a few lovely warm days; even mention of snow on Sunday in places, but it never snows in Melb. thank goodness! Saw enough of that in the Old Dart!
Gilly You said it was "bluddy cold" and I said to myself that's "very bluddy cold", then the penny dropped that you were referring to our 28C whereas I took it to mean your 28F! Not that it would surprise me living next door to the North Sea!
Another example of Internet diversion! that led me to think of "The Cruel Sea' and "Nevil Shute". Wrong of course! You won't see me on "Mastermind" any time soon, but that did remind me of the hilarious "Brain of Britain" sketch by Eric and Ernie; still available on YouTube. grin
fatgran That's very mean of you using a bottle of cheap stuff! I'm sure DH deserves only the best, which you can now afford with your $750 Govt. gift. Haven't received mine yet, so not expecting a smack on the back of the head just yet! shock
Apparently bottle shops i.e Dan Murphy are rationing sales of all categories of booze which could be a bit embarassing asking Cariline down the street to buy me my ration of 2 cases of cheap "Cleanskin" Shiraz. She'll think I'm an old soak, which I'm not, of course! confused
Our State Deputy Health Officer today made the statement that we will not overcome Covid19 until we have a vaccine! Other experts have said that may not happen for 18 months!

Jane The Oldie Dinner" must seem like a distant dream by now and just think, you could be quarantined in that "posh" London hotel, subsisting on free hotel food.! Or doesn't it work that way? wink
BlueSapphire Our No.1 Son and family live in Brisbane, but they're not seafarers; the backyard pool has to suffice, but it seems odd that his cat. can't be used. Where's the problem?
I believe the "banana benders" are a bit that way, the Govt. ones I mean!. grin
On that cheerful note;
Good Health wine (only one; rationed!)

Megs36 Wed 01-Apr-20 15:44:29

All the best Rufus, Interesting how people are filling their days,
I wishI could add some intelligent comments but afraid not, just reading, eating and sleeping, hang on though nothing’s changed 🤔🤔.

Callistemon Wed 01-Apr-20 15:47:14

I was messaged this morning about the bottle shops being closed from midnight in Australia as a result of the COVID19 outbreak, Rufus!

rafichagran Wed 01-Apr-20 18:35:39

Goid evening everyone, keep well and keep safe.

fatgran57 Thu 02-Apr-20 05:40:22

Hello Rufus wet old day here in Tasmania so feeling a bit down because of not being able to go outside.

OH is in the sheds etc and on the phone ordering things all the time, only coming inside for morning tea, lunch and dinner.
Daughter no 2 just told us that her husband has been stood down from the job he was previously told would be OK as essential service.

They are closing the smaller branches and letting go the manager( my son in law) and the second in command also.

Only good news she had today is that child care will be paid for them for 6 months as she was worried about how to manage. If they gave up the places they would probably not be able to get the kids back in later on.

Son in law had recently applied for another job and did actually get this job, so with any luck this company will not close also. He was serving out his notice so doesn't know how this will work.

At least he will be home for the school holidays as we wouldn't be able to look after the grandchildren.

Just as well I don't drink or I may have had to hit the bottle!

You will have to have one for me Rufus wine

Take care and keep safe everyone.