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Going through CDs - Which one(s) are your memory jerkers.

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Lettice Wed 01-Apr-20 17:45:57

Staying in and searching through CDs, I have had an afternoon of teenage angst. Scott Walker, so beautiful, so soulful, whoever broke his heart and inspired all those sad, sad, melodies did a real job. His looks, his baritone, oh how I loved him and joined him in his wallows of lost loves that never leave you. I've had a thoroughly lovely time.

Jane43 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:29:58

A Different Corner by George Michael makes DH and I cry, he had such a beautiful voice. I also love to play Billy Fury’s Greatest Hits, my best friend Jean (RIP) and I used to go to concerts to see him. We liked him mainly for his looks at the time but he actually had a very good voice. I don’t think The Everly Brothers have been mentioned, my friend Linda (RIP) and I used to have their picture on our bedroom wall. I have quite a large collection of their CDs, my favourites are Roots and Pass The Chicken And Listen.

suzette1613 Sat 04-Apr-20 06:52:44

Dahlia and Eloethan, yes Boys of Summer, such a great sound!
Agree about the open top car thing.
Most Meat Loaf songs work well like that too.

Teddy5005 Sat 04-Apr-20 00:43:44

Discos, I loved most of the music played at discos .in the late 70s It’s so evocative, I hear a piece of music and I can recall who was my boyfriend at the time . Having your heart broken and listening to Barry white . Travelling by bus to some remote village hall and getting home again with school the morning. Days of wine and roses 🌹

Fennel Fri 03-Apr-20 13:33:17

I've just realised the thread is about CDs. I only have about 4, Relatively recent. Bob Dylan, Carmen Macrae, Billy Joel and Carpenters.
When I was a teenager we listened to Radio Luxembourg.Or gramaphone records (what are those?)
Then a long gap too busy with family and work until I retired.
Now mostly youtube.

EllanVannin Thu 02-Apr-20 23:11:36

The lovely Cilla--Where is tomorrow without you ".

grumppa Thu 02-Apr-20 23:07:18

Françoise Hardy. I was wandering around clutching her first LP when everybody else seemed to have Bob Dylan under their arm. And I now have all her classics on CDs.

Oh oh Chéri is one of my Desert Island Discs.

Jennyluck Thu 02-Apr-20 22:53:38

the herd, with the very beautiful Peter Frampton. If I hear one of their tracks, I’m 14 again. With all the feelings of a 14 year old.

I’ve loved music since I was very young, I couldn’t live without it. I love new stuff as well as old.

Music can bring back such strong feelings, there’s nothing like it.

Eloethan Thu 02-Apr-20 22:31:44

Thanks for that Fennel. What a great band - it really made me feel like dancing!

This is my name and Jaycee. I don't know why I feel so pleased that two other people share my taste in music, but I do. Thank you.

Up until about ten years ago (when I was 60) I kept up with all the modern pop music. Apparently that is around the age that many people disengage from the more contemporary stuff. I never thought I would say "It all sounds the same to me" but, sadly, that is how I feel about a lot of pop music these days.

Somebody mentioned Boys of Summer. I love that song - it's so exciting. I think it should be listened to sitting in an open top car cruising along a straight empty road on a hot summer's day.

Do certain records conjure up such pictures in other people's mind's eye?

Grammaretto Thu 02-Apr-20 19:41:24

I go back to the time when people brought their trannies (transister radios for you youngsters) with them and regaled everyone with their squeaky shrill music. It was one big party at the park or on the beach.

We had a family quiz this week and one of the questions was, what was TOTP the month that each of our DC were born. I remembered them all.
The first was Bridge over troubled Water (first time around) grin

Thisismyname1953 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:37:25

@Eloethan loved every one of those songs too. I was 7 when the 60s started 😂

9pins Thu 02-Apr-20 19:33:54

In My Life by the Beatles.....sums it up

Scentia Thu 02-Apr-20 19:07:47

Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael. It takes me back to my early days of married life, before my children came along. Lovely romantic evenings with my DH💕

Jaycee5 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:07:24

Elotheon I like pretty well all of your choices particularly Tracey Chapman.
I also like Rag n Bone Man particularly Human. Not that up on much that is current.

Diggingdoris Thu 02-Apr-20 19:05:47

You'll never walk alone. The single I bought for my dad when he was going through chemo. It still brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it.
Always on my mind. I bought for my husband when he was planning to leave me for a younger woman.
Then when he left, my anthem was ' I will survive', and I did!

dahlia Thu 02-Apr-20 19:05:06

We loved Scott Walker, too - but he became a bit of a recluse towards the end of his life, and I didn't like his music then. DH often puts on a CD we picked up in M & S years ago of Scott: our favourite must be "No Regrets" (not the French one) but to me anything he sang years ago was wonderful. On car journeys we always play "Still Magic" by Peter Skellern, which has some lovely ballads on it; he lived in Cornwall, and we saw him twice in concert at Truro. As a change, I like "Boys of Summer" and anything with a really good beat - or a "beaty number" as my children say! I think there is something in every type of music that appeals to me. grin

Fennel Thu 02-Apr-20 19:00:45

Eloethan - sorry for the sad post. I have a cheerful one too:

Fennel Thu 02-Apr-20 18:51:06

I have that too, Flygirl. Relevant to these times too.

Flygirl Thu 02-Apr-20 17:43:27

Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over Troubled Water was the first LP I ever bought.

grannypiper Thu 02-Apr-20 17:42:00

Bon jovi all the way through to dean martin

Eloethan Thu 02-Apr-20 17:30:59

Mega sad
A change is gonna come - Sam Cooke
Going back - Dusty Springfield
Vincent - Don McLean
Macarthur Park - Richard Harris
This woman's work - Kate Bush
Fast Car - Tracey Chapman
Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Fire and Rain - James Taylor
Beautiful Boy - John Lennon

Witchita Lineman - Glen Campbell
The day before you came - Abba
Alfie - Cilla Black
Send in the Clowns - Judy Collins
Blackbird - Paul McCartney
Summer Breeze - Isley Brothers

Picture of You - Joe Brown
Stranger on the Shore - Acker Bilk
Close to you - Carpenters
Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Itchycoo Park - Small Faces
Bus Stop - Hollies
Road Runner - Booker T and the MGs
Love Train - the O'Jays
Tears of a Clown - the Miracles
Just my Imagination - the Temptations

Fennel Thu 02-Apr-20 17:21:29

chrissyh Thu 02-Apr-20 14:35:16

A Beach Boys track reminds me of my youth and summer and carefree times.
Another of my favourites - thanks for reminding me Chrissy

Fennel Thu 02-Apr-20 17:19:37

Bijou - I remember those big bands too. Glad to hear from you.
My favourite - Glen Miller - Moonlight Serenade
Later on CD a Bob Dylan recording of Full Moon and Empty Arms

glammagran Thu 02-Apr-20 16:23:16

Gillyjp I too had a crush on The Walker Brothers.

Bluecat Thu 02-Apr-20 15:45:40

The Beatles bring back memories of my last year at junior school. A happy time, with a kind teacher and good friends.

almostelderly Thu 02-Apr-20 15:14:41

It's LP's for me, I refuse to call them 'vinyl'. I still have a record player.

Leonard Cohen, when he returned to touring in 2008 (ish) I went to all his concerts in the UK but I have been a fan since my late teens. Tom Waits is another favourite, I also him live on one of his rare tours. They bring back wonderful memories.