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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 02-Apr-20 13:37:12

Weather forecasters are getting pretty good! We've had the promised rain, lots, for the past 24 hours; so, like you "Taswegians " it was definitely a stay in/stay put day.
Corvid19 news doesn't get any better, especially as they reported that UK has had its worst day! sad
fatgran Good news that childcare will be taken care of with Govt. support, but it's worrying for anyone in the workforce as it's so difficult to work out how far the shut-downs will extend.
Anyway we had a bit of escapism on telly a few moments ago; Scotland Yard and Crippen, Jack the Ripper, the Great Train Robbery, etc. etc. Not exactly light relief, but made a change!
Last evening was more lighter1 All about trains; Michael with Great Continental railway, Chris. Tarrant in S. America, looking for Adolf and finally Inspector Frost with Planes, Trains and automobiles.
Calli that was fake news! I'm glad to say. Our major bottleshop practitioner (Dan Murphy") is still in business albeit with self-imposed "rationing"! as follows;
Wine 12 bottles
Beer 2 Cases (24x350ml cans or stubbies)
Spirits 2 bottles
all per customer per visit!
A lot of sorrows could be drowned in that lot! confused
Perhaps your informer was a Queenslander where they probably need more controls!
Nurse Jacqui and carer due to visit tomorrow and now I wonder what would happen if one of them reported in sick? I can't imagine them quarantining the service as they are not confined in hospital wards, but are out and about doing home visits and nursing homes.
Fortunately our meals on wheels delivery service is still operational: Rissoles, gravy and veg. for dinner, Very tasty!
Btw fatgran; tell DH when he's recovered, that our Bunnings (Vermont South) are advertising a sausage sizzle for Sunday!. I suppose that's classified as "take-away" and therefore OK. hmm
Good Health. wine

fatgran57 Fri 03-Apr-20 05:47:06

Hello Rufus Wet again today on the north west coast but not cold.

No new cases of the virus reported so far today, it seems all our cases bar two came from cruise ship passengers.

Item in the paper today showed a( half-witted) local travel agent declaring how lucky she was that the tour of Egypt she was leading managed to get on the last plane home.

Unbelievable that she would have gone over there with all the warnings. Then if they get the virus they will be taking up valuable hospital beds.

Bring back horsewhipping I saygrin

OH is feeling the lockdown rather badly now - there are many things he wants to get from Bunnings and other places (even the sausage sizzle grizzle has been put on hold) and the devil has spent ALL his $750 on online purchases - heaven knows what he has bought!

Spent most of the day on chores, plus did have a walk and did some cooking, can't wait to be able to go out for a meal again or just morning tea.

OH says" lets go for a drive" but I don"t know if that is allowed. I suppose if we bought supplies when out that would make it OK.

Got a fright earlier when two kookaburras suddenly made a heck of a noise outside the window. Don't know what they have to laugh about!

Take care and keep tippling wine

Megs36 Fri 03-Apr-20 10:44:36

Interesting Rufus and fatgran, mentioning Bunnings,theytook over a lot of DIY shops here in the UK With quite a bit of publicity (and had weekend sausage sizzles too) but for some reason didn’t last. Don’t know what happened, some back to original and some completely different.