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Good Evening Sat'Day

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rafichagran Sat 04-Apr-20 14:22:23

Good Afternoon/Evening. Nice day for me today. Sun out and partner and I are gardening. Just stopped for lunch. Keep well and safe.

Rufus2 Sat 04-Apr-20 14:12:50

A good day for self-isolation! Rain/showers all day, windy and freezing cold, only 17C! It's as quiet as a graveyard! sad
Not much to report on!
fatgran I suppose in the good old days the visit of a huge cruise ship would cause lots of excitement, thinking of all those tourist dollars pouring into your pockets; but not now!
They're not welcome now anywhere; We never hear if GB is suffering similar visits; all we do hear is that Britain was slow on the uptake regarding CorvicId19 not taking self isolation seriously. sad
Jane Elsewhere, I note that the next 2 Oldie" lunches have also been cancelled and I expect there won't be any more until hostilities have ceased!
The Matron advt. has returned in all its glory - fascinating! grin
I liked the cartoon depicting an obvious Gran. complete with staff, having climbed to the top of a mountain exclaiming "Now what did I come up here for?" grin

I note that the Razor Gang have been out lately with frequent deletions. IMO more slack should be allowed and assume that most posts are tongue-in-cheek! grin
We had the doco. on Cadbury's this evening; some people I know would have put on a couple of pounds simply watching it! Jacqui is like that (but milk choc. only) and when she let slip a while back that she also couldn't resist
licorice I couldn't resist presenting her with a Darrel Lea milk chocolate Easter egg filled with chunks of licorice!
I was well-trained by my dear Vera to remember things like that, or else! hmm Just a small thanks!
It's now Sunday according to my PC, but I'll wait until later (not 3.00am!), to put the clocks back! A warm bed beckons!
Good Health! wine