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does anyone remember

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labazsisslowlygoingmad Sun 05-Apr-20 12:52:50

Dandy cord mats? i was talking to my partner the other night and he didnt know what i meant. a lady mum cleaned for had one in her kitchen when you picked up there was always dust underneath and as for standing on them without shoes it was very painful! i suppose they were easy to clean mop or better still put over the line and hose pipe it. i was beginning to think i imagined them!

rosenoir Sun 05-Apr-20 13:26:53

I had to look up Dandy cord but as soon as I saw them I remembered that we had a blue one in the kitchen, they looked nice at the time but there was no practical use for them,as you say uncomfortable on the feet,dirt went through,they slid about on the floor and they had to be washed outside.

vampirequeen Sun 05-Apr-20 13:46:01

Yes we had one when I was little. I seem to remember that they slipped about to the point where they were dangerous.

Tangerine Sun 05-Apr-20 13:47:55

Yes, my parents had one in the kitchen. Late 50's and during the 60's.

callgirl1 Sun 05-Apr-20 14:04:24

When I worked in a factory canteen, we had a large one behind the counter. We had to take it up ansd wash it every day, and the muck under it had to be seen to be believed!