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Good Evening Chewsday

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fatgran57 Wed 08-Apr-20 00:53:20

Rufus I thought you would know the meaning of coming out of ones shell confused

As posted on another thread I will take a break from posting for a while but will still lurk.

Jane10 I hope no tramps were startled by you on your walkgrin!

Keep well people.

Jane10 Tue 07-Apr-20 14:45:34

Hi Rufus2. You sound in good spirits. We're OK here. Just back from doing our tramp in the woods(!!) Well you know what I mean.
I did 'the big shop' today. It seemed more relaxed or maybe I'm just getting used to it. No queue, lots of stock really no problem except one elderly chap who really hadn't grasped the social distancing thing. Typically he was always at the shelf I was wanting. Even if I got there first he'd just push in despite my increasing hostile looks and pantomime sighs.
Oh well. We're well stocked now. Lots of treats and good grub for the first few days anyway. It'll just be porridge by this time next week.
It's a beautiful spring day here. We're very lucky to have such a lovely view of it.

Rufus2 Tue 07-Apr-20 14:24:58

As I've said, if at first you don't succeed, de-fusing unexploded bombs is not for you!

Evening All

Yet again! Composing this in Word and hoping to Copy/Paste to GN
More heartening words from our leaders that we have "plateaud", but Easter will be a challenge, unless the weather turns out crook!, then beaches won't be in vogue!
fatgran; you'll be relieved to hear that your pardon was secured at the last moment as with all good TV dramas and your name has been restored to the "Buddy" list. grin
Though not sure if grandad should be on the naughty step; he was only defending the faith!
And what's with the hermit crab analogy? A recent poster likened me to a tortoise recently, telling me to pull my head in and she hadn't even heard of my grand-daughter's "Joe"
How about a colourful Emperor butterfly emerging next time!? grin
Our No.1 son in Brisbane phoned a few minutes ago to see how I was getting on; he's "working from home" and tells me they're in T-shirts shorts and the backyard pool is at 26C ! envy
Nice work if you can get it!
I'm told that there are many Coronavirus "jokes' appearing on YouTube etc; Not sure I'd want to be into that, even though laughter is said to be the best medicine.
Haven't yet put all our clocks back so I'm going through various time ,zones as I move about the house. Some need to go forward 23hours to go back one; the car clock can wait as I shan't be going anywhere and if this virus drags on for 6months it would be OK again! hmm
A computer colleague has suggested, now that our classes have been suspended, that we get onto an app. called "Zoom" and have our own conference get together, but Brisbane son says they stopped using it at work for fear of hacking. Not that I've got anything worth hacking.

So here we go, hoping it doesn't disappear!
Good Health wine