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Daily Challenge #7 (9th April) - can you solve the riddle?

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 09-Apr-20 08:36:33

Post-lockdown a gransnetter was invited to go to an exclusive event with vast quantities of gin, cake, famous hairdressers to deal with 'isolation hair', and a wodge of money for each guest. The only catch was she had to guess the password to get in. She waited by the door and listened. Another guest arrived, knocked on the door and the doorman said, "twelve." The guest replied, "six " and was let in. A second guest came to the door and the doorman said, "six." The guest replied, "three" and was let in. The gransnetter thought she had heard enough and walked up to the door. The doorman said ,"ten" and she confidently replied, "five." But she was not let in. What should she have said? Can you help her get in? confused

Bathsheba Thu 09-Apr-20 08:40:37


Maggiemaybe Thu 09-Apr-20 08:42:29

Yes, I think so. But I’m not going to post any spoilers! grin

Maggiemaybe Thu 09-Apr-20 08:43:13

Oh. Yes, I agree. grin

Bathsheba Thu 09-Apr-20 08:45:30

Oops, sorry, was I not supposed to actually give my answer? hmm

Maggiemaybe Thu 09-Apr-20 08:48:17

Probably, Bathsheba. I’ve not joined in these puzzle threads before, so I don’t know how they work.

Yearoff Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:02

I get it!

Mollygo Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:33

I’ve seen this before but does your answer work for all numbers? If it does, you’re right.

rowanflower0 Thu 09-Apr-20 10:04:40

Yes, definitely three!

BlueBelle Thu 09-Apr-20 10:05:16

One and a half

Sys2ad2 Thu 09-Apr-20 10:05:52

2 and a half

Annaram1 Thu 09-Apr-20 10:22:02

2 and a half?

annifrance Thu 09-Apr-20 10:28:16

Haven't got a clue!!

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 09-Apr-20 10:29:48

We should have said, sorry! Fine to post for this one. But don't post reason why. We'll reveal correct answer at 5pm today grin

LizHand Thu 09-Apr-20 10:48:22

3 🤞

Cambia Thu 09-Apr-20 10:52:46

Today because I am in Greece, I am making an Apple Strudel with Filo Pastry from the Hairy Bikers to go with afternoon tea!

I am working out and walking as much as possible so I can eat all this lovely food without gaining pounds!

Can’t believe I posted on here last summer asking how to put weight on after being really ill!

Cambia Thu 09-Apr-20 10:54:06

Sorry posted in wrong thread and have no idea how to move it!

LuckyFour Thu 09-Apr-20 10:54:12


Hazeld Thu 09-Apr-20 10:54:54

Definitely 3

Grannymum Thu 09-Apr-20 11:05:06


littleflo Thu 09-Apr-20 11:09:14


Amee Thu 09-Apr-20 11:11:39


Bluecat Thu 09-Apr-20 11:20:28


notnecessarilywiser Thu 09-Apr-20 11:36:45


Canalboatgranma Thu 09-Apr-20 11:48:35