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Bathsheba Sun 12-Apr-20 08:49:56

So these days it's the 'Easter Bunny' that brings all the Easter eggs. Children everywhere are coming downstairs on Easter Sunday morning to find that 'The Easter Bunny has been' hmm And according to some posts on Facebook, they also leave treasure maps, so the children can find the eggs that they've brought.

Now look, I love the traditional Easter egg hunt, but our children and grandchildren have always been told, and were/are happy with the idea, that the grown ups buy the eggs and hide them for them to find. And yes, a treasure map is a great idea to add another dimension to this age old Easter game. But it is NOT THE EASTER BUNNY THAT DOES IT.

How long before the shops start selling Easter Bunny 'advent' calendars? And maybe they'll have little baby chick helpers, some of whom will be hiding in the house watching to see if the children are being good, while the rest are elsewhere (in a secret fantasy chocolate land, of course), busily wrapping up all the chocolate eggs that their mummies are laying grin

annab275 Sun 12-Apr-20 16:31:48

This is my grand daughter in the papier mache Easter Bunny mask that she made with her mum. Any excuse to get creative - it is much more fun to make your own

Beechnut Sun 12-Apr-20 16:42:47

That’s very impressive annab275. Well done to your granddaughter 🐇

Georgesgran Sun 12-Apr-20 16:59:05

Up in the North East, we always had Pace Eggs - I’ve still got my first, 69 years on! Just a dyed hard boiled egg, but the name comes from the Latin - Paschal - meaning Easter.

kevincharley Sun 12-Apr-20 18:09:22

And... since when have rabbits laid eggs?

notanan2 Sun 12-Apr-20 18:24:58

So basically the OP goes to town for easter for the kids in the family
But doesnt like people going all out for easter in different ways to how her family does
That about it in a nutshell?

Skweek1 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:59:49

The Easter Bunny is a charming and harnless concept (I wrote a short story in my Mind Creating Writing group about him hiding the eggs in the orchard for the children in the nearby house to find and his excitement when they thanked him). But it is lovely old German custom, der Osterhase (Easter Hare) and I prefer to keep the magic of the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas etc in the hearts of young children - they grow up far too soon. I still believe in the old man who magically flies all round the world with his reindeer and a rabbit hiding chocolate for children . Please don't take that away from me and other young at hearts.

Susan56 Tue 14-Apr-20 09:05:09

My granddaughter woke up on Easter Sunday and saw a baby rabbit in the field behind their garden.She was so happy as she thought it was the Easter rabbits baby.I say let them have this little bit of magic and make believe.

Iam64 Tue 14-Apr-20 09:07:27

We had some great photographs on our family whatsap group of our grandchildren hunting for eggs. There were huge footprints leading from their cottage to woodland a few yards away - then the little boys rooting around and finding Easter eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.

We can't visit the children, didn't have our usual family get together over Easter. I'm delighted that my daughters and their partners made maps for the children to follow, that magic bunny rabbit feet appeared outside their homes. Harmless fun, no great expense needed but lots of interaction between the children and their parents.

What is there to grumble about?

threexnanny Tue 14-Apr-20 12:54:31

I like the idea wherever it came from or started. In fact this year I think the Easter Bunny should have been declared an 'ESSENTIAL WORKER' as we all really NEED chocolate to help get us through this!