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Elegran Sun 12-Apr-20 09:01:15

What about starting more threads about subjects not connected to CoVid 19 ? Most of the conversations at the moment about various aspects of virus and its impact, and, frankly I would rather not talk of that ALL the time. I know we are all very restricted in our practical and social lives just now, but our minds haven't been switched off. Or have they?

Lucca Sun 12-Apr-20 09:05:30

Ok I might start one

tanith Sun 12-Apr-20 09:12:36

Look for the ‘no corona zone’ forum elegran

Chewbacca Sun 12-Apr-20 09:14:58

Excellent idea Elegran.

Stansgran Sun 12-Apr-20 09:16:54

I agree so much with you. I know it's hard but I keep telling myself that I'm not a Chilean miner or a Syrian refugee. But our lives are revolving around this in peculiar ways. I've just put a cake in the oven on Easter morning and it's it's brown bananas and leftover stewed Apple topped with just about out of date pecans. First time ever no Simnel cake orEaster bonnet cake. I'm planning on finishing a Peter Rabbit quilt today to keep up theEaster theme while a shoulder of lamb is slow cooking. I've cleaned my spice cupboard this morning and it's totally shocked me how much money I've wasted on obscure spices to please some chef on the Sunday supplements, used once and totally forgettable and forgotten. This I suppose should be in chat. When DH stirs I'm going to have a bath and put on a new jumper saved for Easter! And imrevelling inthe birdsong even with the windows closed.

Elegran Sun 12-Apr-20 09:30:13

I've never seen any threads from the "No Corona Zone" in the "Active" or "Last Hour" lists, Tanith - I wish we could mark a whole topic for future viewing (or avoiding!) Posting on individual threads marks them to be shown in "I'm On" mode, so we will just have to do that.

Now to try and come up with something interesting (when I have traced and evicted the mouse in the garage)

felice Sun 12-Apr-20 09:53:06

Busy yesterday, finished cleaning out the bottom of my fitted wardrobes in the morning.
DGS always stays with me on a Saturday night, usually has Basketball practice, not now of course.
We made another Lemon Drizzle cake, then tried our hand at making fresh Raspberry chocolates, then Sausage rolls and salad for supper. Watched Moonraker, DGS first old James Bond, he hated all the "kissing".

The Easter Bunny !!!!!!, had left a treasure hunt here this morning, this for a boy who doesn't eat Chocolate!!!!! His Dad will take the little ones to work to share with his colleagues.

Now back with Mummy until our BBQ this afternoon.
Quiet cup of tea then the corner shop for a nice bottle of white Wine to go with the BBQ.