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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 12-Apr-20 14:16:51

Hope you are all well and enjoying your marvellous weather.! Just got off the phone talking to our Michelle in Bournemouth; quite a brief chat really; only 58 minutes! She confirmed the weather report, but believe it or not she actually discussed Corvid19 at length, particularly the extremely high and ever increasing death rates. Also very worried about Boris saying it would be a disastrous situation if he couldn't carry on
Of course we all seem to be living under similar lock-down conditions. So many homes must be gleaming now what with all the spare time devoted to housework! grin
Shopping procedures seem to be direct copies; home deliveries are subject to availability of "slots"!/
Lock-down reminds me of that (very) old BBC radio series, "Ancock's Alf 'Our! particularly when Tony, Bill Kerr, Hattie and Sid(?) spend a typically wet Sunday afternoon indoors bored to tears. Actors and scriptwriters in those days could produce hilarious progs. seemingly out of nothing without having to resort to crudities! Marvellous! grin
A variation on a theme today on TV was a prog of wise persons discussing future life after Corvic, assuming you survive of course! sad
There's lots of references to "end of the tunnel" and "when things get back to normal"; I find it hard to believe that things will ever be "normal" again, at least not like it used to be!
Someone raised the question of will the impending anti- Corvic vaccine become a regular annual "shot" similar to the current annual 'flu shot; and when would the season start? hmm So much yet to understand! I've never had a 'flu shot in my life, nor the 'flu, but whereto from here? hmm

Michelle said good job we don't live in the Philippines where apparently a man was shot by police for not wearing a face mask! shock Couldn't believe that!
So even though it's Easter Monday tomorrow a nurse visit is due; that's devotion to duty for you! smile
Good Health
Cheers wine

Squiffy Sun 12-Apr-20 14:40:46

Happy Easter Rufus! I think we’ll have a very different ‘normal’ once the crisis is over. It’s certainly put life in perspective!