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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 14-Apr-20 14:32:57

No! This won't have any SPAM menus! See other thread! grin
Hope you are all still keeping well and focused! Just been watching a program "Insight" on our multicultural TV channel about pain, acute and chronic whereby a few sufferers tell of their problems and "cures"in front of an audience Bit like a hypochondriac's talkathon!
More interesting was a following documentary showing how Corvid19 has turned Venice into a ghost city; I switched to "recording" to watch later, but I'm sure other Italian places will be shown.
The shutting down of two hospitals in Tasmania was apparently due to care staff holding an "illegal" party resulting in contravention of separation requirements.
Wouldn't you think that they of all people should know better? Idiots are everywhere, it seems! sad
Today's weather report not quite so good, 23C, partly cloudy, but nice enough for navel-gazing in the back garden; where else! hmm
As always, being schizophrenic, We enjoy our own company, but feel it's now time to broaden our horizons, so we are now about to set up a mini- video conference consisting of members of our suspended computer class.
An app called "ZOOM" seems to be the thing, but haven't a clue what we'll be doing!. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" as me Mam used to say before she had me! shock
At least this lock-down is helping to show the good nature of people with offers of help to the elderly!
We were reflecting on that question of accepting anti Corvic vaccine shots similar to current 'flu jabs. Apart from avoiding them on a Friday when the hypo. needles are getting blunt, I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig the way that Microsoft uses comp. fanatics who must rush out and buy the latest app. and thereby help to sort out the bugs!
I won't be in the queue at all, certainly not at the head! hmm
Good Health and don't drop your guard! wine

Jane10 Tue 14-Apr-20 14:40:29

I assume you're joking about reusable needles Rufus?
We have a Zoom meeting of our yoga group. Well I dont do the yoga as I find it difficult enough without having to put the right glasses on to squint at a screen. I just join the chat afterwards. I do find it hard though. Somehow its not the same as when we all congregate in our local cafe for the apres yoga. Oh well.
You'll note in the thread I opened re my shopping trip or rather its icy aftermath.
Another not very interesting week ahead (I hope). Somehow I've slumped into doing very little. I read and watch TV and surf the net and eat. And eat. And eat!!

Rufus2 Tue 14-Apr-20 15:52:15

You'll note in the thread I opened re my shopping trip or rather its icy aftermath

Yes Jane! Read it, but went back to re-read; now can't find it.
Never mind! I'm surprised DH hasn't finished up wearing his Easter egg, or did silence descend when his mouth suddenly filled with egg and silver paper! grin
Or did you you hit him over the head with a rolled up copy of "The Oldie" before flouncing out to the garden?
The mind boggles! hmm
Only joking! grin
As for needles, it depends on what's meant by "reusable"!
"Used on Monday, again on Tuesday and so on to Friday!, when fresh ones are opened out ready for next Monday!
Hospitals could save a fortune. shock
Btw; I don't think our Zoom sessions will be about yoga; with two petrol-heads and at least one wine buff the sessions could easily go "off topic"; wink
Good Health. wine

Megs36 Tue 14-Apr-20 16:58:58

Had a Zoom roast dinner on Sunday with family except my husband andI didn’t realise you were supposed to all eat together,also everyone else had a glass of something and we had a cuppa, never mind we’ll know next time and seeing them all was brilliant.
All the best Rufus and all