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Good evening Saturday

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Megs36 Sat 18-Apr-20 12:16:37

Rufus where art thou?

Rufus2 Sat 18-Apr-20 12:54:24

Megs Just finished compiling the following in Word having lost 99% of last evening's effort; see below!
I'm thinking of bowing out, although I'll miss sharing the naughty stool It'll be all yours now that our other "Buddy" has gone "lurking" grin
I've enjoyed your company, be good and don't say anything that I wouldn't!!
I'm off to ruffle a few more feathers, but who knows, I might get homesick! hmm

Evening All! Hope you are having a peaceful day! Not been too bad here; cool 18C no rain. Aussie Covid deaths have reached 68; A majority of our statistics have stemmed from cruise ships!
Before I forget, this will be my last "Letter from OZ" Whilst I've very much enjoyed compiling it, I feel that interest in "man-in the street" accounts of life in Melb. has waned, possibly brought about by Covid lethargy or whatever.
Megs; Last evening's report suffered the same fate as yours when pouring the final "wine"
Simply vanished.
It was 1.00am, so I said "bother it" and went to bed.
Sorry to read of your problems with anniversaries; I'll bet you were really devastated We managed 62 years and collected a neat pile of cards from the various levels of public servants'
Of course MPs and suchlike don't need secretaries to remind themselves of events involving their constituents; we're all on data bases! sad
We haven't progressed at all with ZOOM; my mentor from our comp. class got himself bogged down trying to guide me using his mouse pointer on my screen. It was quite a weird experience! We also had a look at Team Viewer, but thought twice about muddying the waters too much.
One of our TV stations cheered us up today by showing
Steptoe and Son ride again
Pink String and Sealing Wax
The Lady Killers
To Catch a Thief
All one after the other over 8 hours; padded out with ads of course! Of course I didn't watch them all! What do you think I am? I'm no couch potato! Recorded for later. grin
You can't beat the good "Oldies"
Well that's it ! As I said, I've enjoyed it.
Good Health, Good Luck and STAY IN Megs!
OoRoo wine wine wine

mary51 Sat 18-Apr-20 13:35:54

Hi Rufus,

I for one always enjoy reading your posts, and the others from down under on GN. My AS lived in the other place, NZ, for a few years and we went out a few times. Many of his neighbours were well over 75 and always good humoured and helpful with a fund of stories to tell. Everyone always seemed 'laid back' and more relaxed than in the UK.

Your posts about Melbourne remind me of those times, the heat, the sun, the exotic plant growth in gardens etc. For the same reason I enjoy watching Neighbours. (I know I shouldn't at my age).

I did write a long post downstairs on phone but it seemed to disappear after previewing so hope this one from laptop goes through!

All the best.



Don't know if smileys will get through - sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

BlueSky Sat 18-Apr-20 14:01:20

Rufus don't go! I enjoy reading your 'Diary from Down Under'. I hope you'll reconsider and stay! wine

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 18-Apr-20 14:04:48

Hi Rufus
I hope you stick around for a bit longer, although the posts are nearly all about the CV 19, it’s getting a bit depressing. However, when we are all used to our freedom it’s only to be expected. The weather is miserable too so we are all in the dumps.
Catch you later x

Jane10 Sat 18-Apr-20 14:45:12

Yoo Hoo Rufus2- don't you dare go! I always look out for your posts. Mine aren't very interesting right now as I'm not exactly doing much!
Please keep going with your 'letter from Oz'.

Yiayia4 Sat 18-Apr-20 15:29:34

We have family in Oz so love to read your posts.
Stay with us.

Megs36 Sun 19-Apr-20 12:02:46

Rufus,sorry you’ve ‘thrown the towel in’. Iguess the naughty stool will always be around if you tried to return.😔 I Dont really post much,never had much response, still feel pretty excluded, does that sound pathetic? Good luck in any further correspondence!
TakecareSTAY IN.

Squiffy Sun 19-Apr-20 12:46:30

Keep well Rufus! I always seem to come late to your posts and so am never sure if you read my replies, especially with the different time zone! Don't give up on GN, it will be more cheerful before too long smile

Rufus2 Sun 19-Apr-20 13:33:47

sorry you’ve ‘thrown the towel in
Good Evening Megs and All; You've misunderstood! It's not that dramatic; I'm proposing to step down from being "Editor" of "Letter from OZ" or whatever you like to call it.
Several members, as we know, have family ties with OZ and would doubtless have regular contact via devices and know all about us. My "mission" was/is to inject a bit of humour into anything that provided the opportunity and even update any antiquated ideas of what Aussies are about! wink And I don't see any reason for you to feel neglected Megs. I see your posts regularly here and there; others have voiced similar feelings in the past, brought about by the presence of cliques/clans, but they are best ignored.
I should know! grin
Hope you continue to be Covid free. Your daily death stats are frightening compared to ours! Fortunately my home nursing service is functioning well with twice weekly visits, although I'm not allowed any comforting hugs! sad
I don't know of anybody with the dreaded virus, but that's not surprising given our very low numbers.!
Thank you all for your good wishes; who knows? I might be tempted to do a final, final World tour like Ben if the money is right! grin
Good Health.
OoRoo wine wine wine

Jane10 Sun 19-Apr-20 14:31:01

Well phew!! It's a lovely day here. We try to make Sundays a little special to differentiate from the rest of the lockdown week. We have hot ciabatta rolls and listen to Leon Redbone music (if you don't know him you've missed a treat). We have lunch in the dining room on the good china and with wine. We delay the afternoon route march then, after that, tea and chocolate biscuits and a film. Currently enjoying Peter Ustinov's Poirot.
Nothing funny to relay though. Sorry. I am much cheered by the plummeting CV19 stats as measured on the symptom tracker app. A 71% reduction in reported symptoms across the country. Phew again. There might be light ahead? Before you say it Rufus2- it might not be the oncoming train!!

Rufus2 Mon 20-Apr-20 15:52:32

We have lunch in the dining room on the good china and with wine
Jane My word, you certainly do live posh-like! envy
When do you retire to the parlour with your port and sherries and DHs special nuts!? hmm

I can visualise your dining table set out with candelabra and the goose (minus its down!) being piped in by your servant or DH. I guess Haggis is reserved for Burn's night!? grin
And which way do pass the port in Edinburgh, L or R.?
I guess it will be just as memorable as that "posh" hotel you missed out on in the Big Smoke because of Covid 19 and you had only to give DH a tip, or did you?
Btw I wasn't going to say anything about that light in the tunnel other than was it red? if so you missed the train, but watch out for another coming from behind because its destination board might say "Covid 20" and you wouldn't want to be shunted by that!
Btw; Does DH wear a kilt for those special occasions or do his special nuts need better protection? grin
Take Care
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Mon 20-Apr-20 17:48:32

Sigh! What a flurry of stereotypes. DH doesn't play the bagpipes or have a kilt. He does have tartan trousers (Note for purists not trews). My late Dad and my brother were pipers and I'm therefore a connoisseur of piping. The pipes shouldn't be played indoors so not possible during lockdown.
The port is of course passed to the left although I, naturally, have withdrawn to the drawing room while the port and nuts are consumed.
We're back to grungy normal today though. Fish cakes and chips consumed while we watch TV. I still have a cheeky little New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to finish off which should help it go down nicely.
Well you'll be off to throw some prawns on the barbie and sink some tinnies or will it just be a snag for you tonight? Stereotyping? Moi?!

Rufus2 Tue 21-Apr-20 12:51:53

Sigh! What a flurry of stereotypes
Jane Sigh! I've just had half a message disappear without trace! sad
My sincere apologies! Being a keen student of "The Oldies" I thought you'd recognise my "stereotype" comments as being tongue -in- cheek, but obviously not!
I beg your forgiveness! sad
I've been very troubled and disappointed with myself ever since reading your message because I should have remembered that attempts at humour on the Internet are fraught with danger!
How does that song go? : "From the bottom of my heart I apologise!"
I'm off to see more Carol Burnett! grin
Good Health/Slainte
OoRoo wine wine wine

Jane10 Tue 21-Apr-20 13:10:07

Rufus2! Fear not. I thought you might have picked up on the humorous slant to my post and my stereotypical comments re Ozness. It's hard to convey nuance online.
Maybe we should have an irony alert symbol? Not sure what that might look like though.
Just been shopping again and seem to have spent a fortune. However, I'm saving lots by not doing my usual activities and outings so we might as well have nice food. Very posh Easter goodies at amazingly low prices in M&S today. I should have bought more. Drat. Plenty of bog roll and hand sanitiser on the shelves too.
Maybe, possibly, slightly, a wee bit, are things looking better? Might we be able to emerge hirsute into the daylight after lockdown? Am typing with fingers crossed!