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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 06-May-20 14:53:47

Yet another fine day; "fine " down under means "not raining"!
Callistemon As you know, OZ is quite a big place, smile, so relaxing lockdown rules here can mean one of 8 things, with us having 6 States plus 2 Territories.
Each has its own Westminster form of Govt. apart from the Fed. Govt., so depending on whether it's Labour or Liberal (Conservative) you can get so many different policy decisions.
Queensland with its Surfer's Paradise and Gold Coast obviously would like to be shot of lockdowns, whereas Victoria (Labour) is more stick-in-the- mud! grin
We now have more cases, including 2 deaths, at retirement villages and more amongst the abattoir workers, with everything and everyone in quarantine. sad.

Our Queen has given our PM a phone call, possibly telling him to take good care of her loyal subjects, but I can imagine him telling her that we are doing far better than the UK based on results today which I understand are not good at all. It's all very sad! sad
Callistemon You can certainly ask my age; just over 13 in dog years! grin but I'm not allowed out "walkies" yet thanks to our Premier and no mistress to ruffle my hair! hmm
Jane With the current restrictions on air travel I believe our copies of "The Oldie" must be coming sea-mail; can't remember when the last arrived. Googling got me confused with info on passenger flights only i.e. none, but I imagined that freight would be OK, unless ATCs are in lockdown too!
Oh well! One day perhaps.
Good Health wine wine wine

rafichagran Wed 06-May-20 14:59:52

Good afternoon Rufus, lovely day here, Just been out for a walk.