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Anyone heard about 50.00 gov vouchers for bike repairs

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travelsafar Mon 01-Jun-20 08:39:40

I have tried to find out how do we apply for the above on the internet and although there is info about them i can't find a link to an application form. Anyone else found it???

Barmeyoldbat Mon 01-Jun-20 08:57:00

Just had a look but there doesn't seem anyway of applying for them, maybe it will be a mess like the testing and track and test system., buts heres hoping they get it right.

12Michael Mon 01-Jun-20 09:08:46

This may help taken from Cycling Weekly magazine

12Michael Mon 01-Jun-20 09:25:54

he UK Government has provided more details on a bike voucher system to help increase the number of two-wheeled journeys in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Up to half a million £50 vouchers will be provided from June to help people get their bicycles repaired in a move the Government hopes will also improve the public’s fitness and reduce air pollution.

travelsafar Mon 01-Jun-20 10:34:20

12 Michael have you found a link to applying for the voucher???

12Michael Mon 01-Jun-20 14:29:51

What is cycle to work scheme voucher?
When a quote is approved, a cycle to work scheme voucher is generated by the provider and delivered to the employee. At this point, they can return to the bike shop where they got the quote and redeem the voucher, walking out with the bike and/or equipment they requested.
How does the cycle to work scheme voucher work? …
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Can I keep getting vouchers?
You can keep getting vouchers or directly contracted childcare as long as: your wages were adjusted on or before 4 October 2018 you stay with the same employer and they continue to run the scheme you do not take an unpaid career break of longer than a year
Help paying for childcare - GOV.UK

BlueBelle Mon 01-Jun-20 14:40:37

I d like one if anyone finds it my cycle is hard work needs new gears etc

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 01-Jun-20 17:43:51

This month (June) you can apply for a voucher. Doesn't say when in June!