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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 08-Jun-20 14:44:08

Well! Another long week-end public holiday over. Question this year was "where are you going for your self-isolation this year!? smile
Notice that Trooping the Colours has been cancelled! I guess that more than a few guards will be glad of a Saturday off!
Our Honours List today created 933 more loyal Monarchists! Pleased to see Tony Abbot received a top gong despite being labelled a misogynist by Julia Gillard a while back! hmm
Apologies for the "Jokes" thread, only I'm still cherry-picking GreatNan's jokes legacy; Propose to pass some over to Sallena as requested, who runs our Council's "Oldies" Newsletter designed to"lift our spirits" during Covid!
I'm also posting some in the "Jokes" thread whenever good ones appear , at least whenever they appeal to my sense of humour, but I'm having to edit some out, being unsure of the local readership! Anyway, I'm sure Sallena will do the necessary culling and if all else else fails, her office staff might get a laugh out of it
Don't be afraid to tell me to put a sock in it, if it gets boring, because GreatNan left enough material to out last Covid! grin
I'm still missing my chish and fips despite it being National Fish and Chips Day. All I've got is a can of sardines in olive oil ("made in Poland"of all places!), but plenty of toast!
See that NZ has been declared free of Covid now which will please BradfordLass and others, apart from doomsayers predicting a second and even third wave! sad
Will be interesting to see the follow-up after all the demos!

Another interesting TV prog earlier on this evening all about the Royals and their outfits Only the females of course with Diana getting plenty of attention. I'm no cynic, but it's marvellous what a decent dress allowance can do, all in the cause of making Great Britain great of course!.
Do you have regular dream that you're glad to wake up from!? I'm forever returning to where I've parked my car only to find it's gone! The details are different each time, but the theme is always the same including never finding it again! What does it mean? hmm
See you tomorrow-it's only 11.30pm.
Good Health Everyone. wine wine wine

Megs36 Mon 08-Jun-20 19:09:03

I think your ones are really appreciated, keep them coming Rufus. Cheers, trying both today!🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

Megs36 Mon 08-Jun-20 19:10:14

Jokes not ones !!

BlueSky Mon 08-Jun-20 20:52:17

Hi Rufus good to know that NZ is Covid free already and Australia is not far behind. Wondering when it will be the same here in Europe, still it's encouraging for all of us. My unpleasant recurring dream is that I've lost my bag complete with phone, keys, credit card, etc, all my essentials! Like yours they are anxiety dreams. Well it's good morning for you, so have a nice day! cafe