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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 12-Jun-20 06:12:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey with some wind here in Brackley this morning .
Yesterday , I caught the bus for the 1st time in 12 weeks , not only is it my only means of getting out and about , but the 2m ruling was forever present .
Maximum of 11 passengers on the bus a single deck , got an item on Wilko same ruling one in , one out , I then went to WHS for a magazine and brought 2 in the end .
I then returned on the bus , some kids on there , with driver telling them they cannot sit together .
But it has made me feel more relaxed as I had got out and went beyond the town boundary .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Fri 12-Jun-20 06:20:24

Good morning from a sunny E Kent.
Mick, how nice for you to have had such a good day. A bus! My word!
It’s so nice to have a sunnier, warmer outlook to the day. It’s being spent putting things back. The painters have finished upstairs so all that is going back. I find humping hundreds of books up and downstairs, from this room to that, very tiring.
Hope today brings contentment and freedom from worries.
Stay well, stay safe.

Nannytopsy Fri 12-Jun-20 06:48:39

Good morning Mick & grandMattie and all to come. I am wide awake at this hour! No doubt I shall fall asleep again as DH has just done.
Glad you enjoyed your day Mick but take care.
It’s dry but cloudy here in Suffolk. We plan to attempt to dig post holes for some new trellis. The soil is very stony, so this is just a trial.
I hope everyone has the best day they can.

Puzzler61 Fri 12-Jun-20 06:58:48

Good morning Mick, grandMattie and All.
Mick - did everyone have masks on who were on the bus? Hope you enjoy having magazines to read? You can put your feet up with a cuppa and biscuits and delve in.

The weather is not in its finest hour in Worcs, but can only get better.

grandMattie your whole-house redecoration sounds hard- going but will be gratifying when finished. It will be like living in a new house 🏠

DH and I took an 80 mile drive to visit DD2 yesterday. We sat in her courtyard and it was our first time of being with each other since March. She’s getting ready to move flats and we took her packing boxes from loft, newspapers to wrap stuff (she reads news online) and rolls of bin bags. Also a box of foodstuffs and half an apple crumble and a pot of custard. Happy to see her but heartbreaking to leave without a hug and kiss.

Hope everyone who is going through worries and struggles finds some solace today. 🦋

Bellasnana Fri 12-Jun-20 07:04:08

Good morning from Malta where it’s another hot, sunny day.

Glad to hear you were able to get out, Mick as I know you must have been going stir crazy.

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments yesterday. Very much appreciated as I always find these anniversaries a struggle.

Today I shall be fretting about DGD who has a six hour flight across the US, on her own, aged 9, in a pandemic. She is going to spend two months with her father who is not very nice to her. He’s a bully and control freak so she will not be allowed to FaceTime me whilst she’s there. I usually speak to her several times a week so we will both miss one another.

Sorry to ramble on. Thinking of you all and wishing you the best day possible.☀️🌈

NfkDumpling Fri 12-Jun-20 07:04:48

Morning All

Still, misty and humid here in the north of Norfolk. Most jungley.

No Face Time reading practice with DGD3 this morning, DGDog1 died last evening. He was nearly 14 and had been going down hill with defunct kidneys and yesterday was decision day. He was a special dog and we’ll all miss him. The girls have never not had him there, a grumpy spaniel always bossing and keeping a protective eye on them.

I should be doing the washing today, but I don’t think there’s much dry out. We may bite the bullet and sort out our extensive CD collection, most of which we never play.

Have a successful day Everyone.

mumofmadboys Fri 12-Jun-20 07:08:51

Been awake since 4.30am. Couldnt get back to sleep. Washing done. I am going to end up tired later!! Have a peaceful day everyone

Ginny42 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:12:22

Good morning Mick and everyone from a bright morning in Cheshire. Some clouds coming from the north, but plenty of blue sky.

Snap Mick! I went out for the first time yesterday too after 12 weeks, to a M&S food hall not far away. I had been told it was quiet at around 4.00, but at 2.00 the sun came out and it was a lovely afternoon, so I thought, just do it. There was a short queue and an assistant was sanitising trolleys by the door. As one shopper came out another went in. All friendly and calm. I wore a mask and gloves, but only two others had masks and I didn't see anyone wearing gloves. I hadn't spent all those weeks at home to do something careless now! Shortly after I got back the heavens opened. I'd just had that bright spell for my adventure.

I did come back and read the thread last night and was pleased to read about your hospital appointment Marydoll. You've waited such a long time and may it bring the relief you've longed for. x

Have the best day you can and to anyone else venturing out there, take care. Don't worry about feeling self-conscious wearing protective clothing, it's your life. flowers

Grandmafrench Fri 12-Jun-20 07:12:49

Good Morning Everyone - if it's still morning. Been awake since 4am when the deathly silence which kept coming before an explosion of thunder and the most torrential rain managed to ruin our night's sleep ! Ah well - have a busy day, so must look on the positives of an early night tonight.

Violent storms have stopped for now - due to dry up completely by mid afternoon. Still warm but there is blackness in the skies towards the mountains and the gulls are very noisy, so I expect we'll get plenty of wetness this morning - probably timed to coincide with my trip to the Garden Centre. Shouldn't complain as we have very little rain. I shall resolve to tough it out and steam quietly in my mac 'n' mask, sporting a delightful corkscrew curly hairstyle. Lovely grin

So very pleased at some news on here yesterday : Marydoll's long awaited treatment on the cards, gilly back with her little GD; Harrigran being stood up for a wine delivery and Mick reunited with his beloved buses and free to roam at last!

Very concerned about your nasty incident Ellan - not sure whether you were just very brave......or you took a real risk. Of course, you needed medical help but then you're right about the risks, especially in your area at the moment. Hope that you are feeling more normal today. It'll be one of the most wonderful feelings when this Virus outbreak gives way to people being able to have treatment for "normal" illnesses and conditions again. I fear there will be the most monumental problem come the end of the year, if hospitals don't start moving towards treating all their outstanding patients very soon.

Puzzler worrying about your car not starting is such a nuisance, isn't it. Luigi, my little Fiat, has been taken out of the garage and driven during the lockdown for short trips, but eventually had to have jump leads applied! I think, as with all short local trips to shops etc., cars do regularly need a proper run of 5 plus miles or so just to get everything working properly and to keep the battery charged. A pretty impossible task for people who are shielding or locked in for months like most of us.

When I telephoned my friend in England yesterday, she broke down when I said that I had sought advice from lots of Grans! She is always so grateful to hear from me, which is so silly because I know she'd do the same if she felt she could help me in any way. Her voice was very croaky (lack of conversation) but she was feeling more like facing her problems yesterday, so I got to the bottom of what she is taking - although having run out she is currently waiting for the surgery to pass on a request for more medication to the Chemist! She has not received any response to mail she sent to her Doctor last week and she agreed that next week, if she doesn't hear from him, that I should contact the Surgery and try to establish whether they intend providing care for her or not. She has a Meningioma (spelling?) now in addition to Diabetes and painful Neuropathy in her feet, but because she has never had a Scan, this latest problem gives no idea as to size, position, growth. Having been delivered of the bad news by her GP in January, and been promised a Scan at the end of February, Covid19 then took over and all chance of hospital referral was lost. Her first reaction - when the Doctor said that if this is something slow growing and non-malignant (if), she need not worry at her age about invasive surgery - was one of shock and overwhelming fear, but she said she felt that she would agree with that. But, as she explained, all she now thinks about is what is going on in her head and she's had no one to discuss her condition with, or even discuss this news, since February.

Better news is that she was contacted by an old friend in another county a few days ago and - all being well - she hopes to be collected to go and stay with her for a week next week. I am beyond thrilled - the break will do her good. She told me that she would really love to go out but has no mask! Apparently ones she ordered a few weeks ago have yet to materialise. Today I shall make her some and put them in the post, along with your kind book recommendations.

I'm so grateful for the kindness shown on this Thread. I will now attempt to stay awake long enough to eat breakfast and then drive to the Garden Centre (hooray!!!!!) whilst my DH is on the other side of the road, having his eyes tested. Then I shall go to the Optician - if my new sunglasses are not ready, I shall be cross. Hopefully I shall return home with some nice plants as compensation for having to face the ironing this afternoon.

Have the best day possible, everyone - even if you have rain. Continue to take care of yourselves and please stay safe.
Hugs from French France x

GrannyGravy13 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:15:08

Good morning Mick and all x

Another one here who cannot sleep, been awake since 4.30am!!! Cannot see me getting a lot done today.

Weather forecast is not very cheerful for S E Essex.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋

kittylester Fri 12-Jun-20 07:15:34

Morning all from a damp and grey North Leicestershire.

It was so wet that we didnt do our neighbours' drink last night but all waved a glass through the window at the appointed time. I ordered a lot of cards from the shop in the village and then had a good chat with the shop owner when she delivered them.

More garage sorting today! Ordering this week's flowers from the florist and awaiting a delivery from the butcher.

It's all go!!

Urmstongran Fri 12-Jun-20 07:18:42

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s not sunny 😱
It’s warm, but we have a sky full of white/grey cloud. A beach day isn’t on the cards after all, till Monday hopefully.

Yesterday was SO windy here (must have blown all these clouds in) that we didn’t leave the apartment. Himself just did the grocery shop after his walk but said the wind propelled him along!

It reminded me of the 9 weeks when we did what we did yesterday. Totally confined to barracks. Not even leaving the landing. I cried yesterday evening. I felt quite emotional Thinking about all that had happened/is happening. A proper wobble.

I said to Himself that I didn’t think I could do all that again and keep my mental health. Sensible Joe just said ‘yes we could because we’d be told to and there’d be a darn good reason to do so to keep safe. Remember how scared we were at the start of lockdown?’

I wish I’d kept a journal of those days. Not only to look back over but something the grandchildren might have found interesting to read in the years ahead. How we felt, who we FT’d in the family, the boredom and the anxiety.

Last night I said it’s strange to think if we wanted to we could just open the door, walk down to the marina and order a bowl of spaghetti with wine in Da Fano. So, we have moved on, here. But still, staying in, even through choice, brought all those emotions back.

Sorry to have wittered on. I’m fine this morning and counting my blessings.

Good to hear you’ve been on a bus Mick. There’ll be no stopping you now! Excellent.

Hope Friday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Ginny42 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:22:04

Oh Bellasnana, how sad, but your DD will let you know she's arrived safely. One day she'll be old enough to make her own choices. Hugs, as I know how hard it is. x

Pantglas2 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:23:22

A dry good morning from north Wales where I’ve just woken up from another good nights 😴 to find a chamberpot of tea awaiting me ☕️ DH does know how to keep a woman happy 😊

Off to Llandudno this afternoon for DH eye test and possibly new glasses and I shall pop to see DD as I probably won’t be allowed in at the same time.

How very brave and independent of your GD Bellasnana and maybe she’ll find a way to keep in touch with you💐

Risotto for tonight which will mean opening a bottle of white wine.....oh dear, a week’s abstinence ruined!

Grammaretto Fri 12-Jun-20 07:35:15

Good Morning all from the Scottish Borders. Not a bad forecast for today. The birds are very noisy. The lockdown has certainly suited them and my meadow is growing nicely. Who knew I had orchids on my lawn!.
How exciting and brave to get on a bus again Mick

I haven't been inside a shop since early March. The most daring was to fill the car with petrol and a trip to the hospital.

Our DGDog died last week Nfk which has left DD very sad. She even misses tripping over her and the barking at the Postie.

It must have been wonderful to see your DD again Puzzler. Ours drove to us to picnic in the garden a couple of weeks ago but we can't risk going to her.

I was pleased to hear some good news on here yesterday. Grandmafrench I am pleased about your poor dear friend,

Bellasnana flowers and for any of you who are struggling today. It isn't easy is it.

Puzzler61 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:36:54

Grandmafrench that’s the best news possible about your dear friend, and I hope her go surgery and the chemists get a move on and support her in every way.
A week with some kindly company will do her good, distract her worrying mind if nothing else.
You deserve some nice plants today, and a good deep uninterrupted sleep tonight. 😴 💤

Marydoll Fri 12-Jun-20 07:37:43

Good morning Mick and all, cloudy start here in Glasgow,

DH is off out to play golf (yippee!), He has been up since the crack of dawn, full of the joys of being able to escape for a few hours, oblivious to the fact that I have had little sleep, due to a combination of his blooming , beeping tablet updating in his study and him snoring for most of the night! 😠

Nothing much planned today, apart from a Tesco delivery and some baking.
When my friend's mum died, the family got a recipe book printed of all her old recipes, so I plan to browse it, to see if I can find something retro to bake.

DH ( reluctantly) and I went out for a short walk yesterday, close to our house. As we were admiring the garden in an immaculate bungalow, the door opened and someone called our name.
It turned out to be an old class mate of DH's, who had been previously married to a friend of mine, but they had sadly divorced. Their son had also been a friend of DS1 and I used to look after their children, along with my own.
He just disappeared off the scene years ago, without a word and his wife made a new life, having cut off our female group of friends. It all happened without warning.
I have to admit, I was quite badly hurt by my friend, when she ditched us.
Her husband had always been very bad tempered and often quite morose man and I dreaded visiting, in case he and his wife had fallen out.
Surprisingly, he had remarried and had becoming a totally different person, from the one I knew!
I hardly recognised this witty, charming and entertaining man! I felt quite cheery, when we left.
On reflection, I suspect he must have been very unhappy in his previous marriage.
I could have chatted all afternoon, even if Mr MDoll couldn't. He is not a social animal, unlike me!.😂

Thinking of all who are struggling, and special wishes for BlueSapphire, who has been touched by all your kindness.
Enjoy your day, everyone.

Scentia Fri 12-Jun-20 07:39:00

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Grey and damp outside but I have already walked the pooch and I am off to the factory shortly. We have orders and deliveries to do.
Bella keep the thought that soon, as she gets older your DGD will refuse to visit her father and she will be able to tell him why. I abhor bullies and it must be hard for her Mummy to send her off to him. She is, however a very confident young girl, she must be to go alone at 9 and she will tell him soon enough.❤️
I went to see my DD and DGS yesterday afternoon and I went inside as she had been sick and in her morning sickness state couldn’t bring herself to clean it up. (Mmmm, I can never prove that can I 😂) Once in I cleaned her kitchen and the playroom, it was covered in split peas! Apparently DGS plays with them. As her DH works away for 3 weeks at a time I assume her to be a single parent in those weeks!
I hope Gilly has a new lease of life and a spring in her step now she has had an Evie cuddle, it certainly worked for me❤️
Take care everyone and stay safe today.😍

brook2704 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:43:12

Good morning everyone from Inverness. The sky is light grey and there’s a promise of some warm sunshine later so it’ll be a pottering in the garden type of day for me 😀

So pleased you enjoyed your first bus trip mick and you can now get out and about a bit further. So sorry to hear about the little doggie nfkdumpling

Hope everyone with struggles and worries has the best day they can and finds something to enjoy - take care all 💐

Marydoll Fri 12-Jun-20 07:47:29

Crossed post, (due to my withering on), I'm so pleased to hear the update on your friend. To be ill and alone is a sad burden to bear, but in this present climate and difficulty accessing medical help, is unbearable.

Bellasnana, how heartbreaking for you, your DD and your DGD. 💐 We never stop worrying about our families.

Sar53 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:49:53

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny, but very windy Essex by the sea.
I felt very miserable yesterday afternoon so rang DD1 and we had a very long conversation about everything under the sun. I didn't tell her how I was feeling but I did feel better afterwards.
DH has a conference call with work later this morning. I shall do some washing and I have a cheese and onion pie to make for dinner.
You are brave Mick to get on a bus, I'm not sure I want to get on public transport ever again.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx

brook2704 Fri 12-Jun-20 08:01:29

So pleased you’re feeling much better today after your wobble urmston it’s strange how these times affect us all unexpectedly
Hugs to all GNs feeling down or just fed up ! ❤️❤️❤️

Lins1066 Fri 12-Jun-20 08:01:54

Good Morning Mick and all. Sunny and windy on the S Welsh coast. Will have a walk lunchtime today as showers forecast from 3pm.
Delivery from our local butcher this morning, he has been a star during this lockdown. So sorry to hear about the little dogs nfk and Grammaretto, sad for everyone.
Marydoll I'm very pleased to hear that you are to have your treatments to last. Hope you have a better day today Urmston. Pleased to hear that your friend is to have some time with her UK based friend Grandmafrench. It seems that she has had poor care from her GP.
Stay safe everyone.

cornergran Fri 12-Jun-20 08:03:49

Morning Mick, morning All. Overcast start to our corner of Somerset. An ‘I have no idea’ sort of day today other than a grocery delivery this afternoon. Pleased to read your treatment plans yesterday marydoll. That’s sad to hear bella, will there be news from your daughter or is she cut off too? That was brave mick, hope you and other passengers had mask practice ready for Monday. A sad day for everyone nfk, it takes time to adjust for sure. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

Nannytopsy Fri 12-Jun-20 08:26:18

Just finishing my coffee before I get up. I have heard the cuckoo again smile. We must be on the edge of its territory as we only hear it occasionally and at a distance. There has to be a lull in the constant cooing from the collar doves and pigeons too 😬
Good news Grandmafrench & Marydoll. Best wishes to BlueSapphire.