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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 17-Jun-20 06:15:13

Good Morning Everyone,
It was dry with some blue sky earlier, but now its turning grey as well.
Today , small shop in local supermarket .
Some news as regards to the Anchor -Hanover home I live in the communal lounge as reopened with new furniture but with 2m restrictions, its been measured up, so a maximum of 10 people can sit in there, any chair movement and it will close again .
Also my chiropodist is paying me a visit at end of month , whether this comes under the social bubble situ makes me wonder.
Take Care ,

jacq10 Wed 17-Jun-20 09:50:25

Morning from the Highlands - grey haar hanging over again after heavy rain overnight. I had a pretty disturbed night sleepwise and ended up making a defcaf at 4.00am. Began to drop off after that but set my alarm for 9.30 as after DH died my neighbour across the wall said he would notice if my blind wasn't up. Some friends have thought they would hate that and I probably would have before but not now. They are excellent neighbours and I keep an eye on their property when they are away. Anyway I need to be up and about today as waiting for phone call from garage as I put car in for MOT today. He said it would be on the ramp for 8.00am so I put it down yesterday afternoon. Came back on the bus for the first time in 12 weeks but felt quite safe. Stay opposite the bus stop and there is an average of three passengers each run. Yesterday there were four when I got on and just me by the time I reached my stop which is a wee bit out of town. It was window seats only, bus driver behind screen and I wore my mask. Hopefully I'll get a call soon to collect it but will walk. It's a very nice half hour walk to the outskirts of town and downhill all the way! Thanks for today's photo Urmstongran - we used to stay just to the right of your photo - so pleased your Spanish way of life is gaining normality - sea, sun and sand!!

EllanVannin Wed 17-Jun-20 09:54:14

Good Morning All x
Another thunderstorm tea-time early evening yesterday, the 4th on the run. The sky had gone a murky orangey/grey which told me that there was fire in that sky. Pretty unsettling as I believe it used to be to those who lived centuries ago. I think I must be one of their ancestors grin I don't know why it churns me up as I'm a pretty strong person.

It looks like the same today, but alas I won't be going far. I should really get stuck in to something, like tidying up because it looks as though a bomb has hit the place. Must shift myself.

By the time I've read and digested everyone's posts my mind goes into overdrive. I started to imagine my visit to Sfax in Malta where Bellasnana lives and the church with a bomb embedded in the ceiling from the war. The lovely boat trip to Comino. It was a private hire boat for the day which anchored in the brightest blue waters---the Blue Lagoon.

Urmston's views also set me off as I gaze out to what used to be from her recent pic. All fabulous memories and hundreds of photo's in the cupboard, many in albums and more waiting to go into empty ones. I've always been a dreamer grin more than a do-er . I can dream for England !

Then Grandmafrench who always adds more memories to my travelling days in France sailing along the rivers past chateaux's along the way.
I have a display cabinet full of souvenirs. How fortunate I've been. smile

Expecting a couple of parcels this week sometime, after my ebaying session, some books and a gift-set for my D who does so well looking after the children, since the death of their dad and now to get through Father's Day on Sunday.
There are promises of the other G/parents taking the children out once things are normal so they can look forward to that.

I can't keep up with all of you as one or two " newbies " have also joined us which is lovely so I hope you all remain well and make the most of each day whatever you do.
Usual thoughts to those who are finding things an uphill struggle . Above all keep safe everyone. xx

GrannySomerset Wed 17-Jun-20 09:59:30

Awful night for no obvious reason so am all behind today and, like several of us, a bit lethargic. Nothing in the virtual diary either, and after very heavy rain yesterday the garden is too wet to meddle with, so I guess it’s admin this morning.

Love Evie’s shoes - a girl with real taste. DD used to take new shoes to bed with her when small because they smelled nice.

Auntieflo Wed 17-Jun-20 10:01:13

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
I think the wobble I have been having, has been bigger than I thought it was, but thought I'd pop in and say hello again.
I have been trying to keep up with this thread, and last night read that Gillybob had had some good news. I am more than pleased for her, she needs a great big helping of good luck.
Also that Marydoll, is to get her new treatment soon. Brilliant, and well done her. She is a little pocket dynamo.
I love the reports from Urmstongran, and wish I were there.
That's enough for now, so, have a good day one and all, and I will go back and read all todays posts at leisure.

BladeAnnie Wed 17-Jun-20 10:22:17

Good morning from a dull mid-Notts. I haven't posted for a few days - just been finding everything difficult and overwhelming. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday and stay safe x

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:08:50

Good morning from Harrogate - weather hasn't quite made up it's mind what it's doing!! Still hope to get a wash out, might be lucky - might not. Got a household repair to get on with, hope DH will help 'cause it involves a heavy door!
That will be the excitement for today!

mrswoo Wed 17-Jun-20 11:09:09

Good morning from a grey Newcastle. Wednesday is usually my day for online Zumba Gold but I'm taking it easy this week after skidding on wet grass at the weekend and crashing into the wheelbarrow. I've now got a very sore side but I think it's only bruised. Unfortunately the painful side has made it difficult to sleep and I've been awake since 4.30 this morning. So, another rather lazy day is on the cards.
DH has been riding his bike a lot more recently and is now having problems with the gears. He's phoned a couple of bike repair shops and the earliest date that he can get it looked at is the 2nd week in july! They are snowed under with work due to everyone re-discovering the joys of cycling. (Not me though, I've never managed to stay upright on a bike!)

I love, love, love Evie's shoes gillybob - such a far cry from the ugly clodhoppers I wore as a child.

dragonfly46 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:17:37

I love the shoes Gillybob. I wish Clarks had done shoes like that in my day!

Kalu Wed 17-Jun-20 11:39:38

Good morning all from a light grey Glasgow. Supposedly some rain showers today but when do forecasters ever get it right? 😁

Sleep pattern is all over the place again, probably new meds. but it is what it is and I can only go with it, foggy head and all😁

Nothing exciting on the agenda today and reading about various shops now open is so tempting as I love rummaging about in TKMaxx but being part of the 70+ gang etc. I don’t feel it quite safe enough to start mingling yet.

How gorgeous are those shoes gilly I can imagine Evie’s delight wearing them.
The image of your DH waiting to surprise your GD Marydoll was so,lovely and brought back memories of how much enjoyment DH had doing the nursery run and was quite distraught when it was no longer part of his day.
Hope you have a less painful day as your meds. kick in Brunette🤞

Wishing all our friends feeling down a better day.

Have a good day all.

Grandmafrench Wed 17-Jun-20 11:47:55

MrsWoo steady on with those must have guessed it would end in tears! Do hope your sore side feels better soon and you can get back to (properly organised) Zumba! BladeAnnie do you know why you feel overwhelmed? If you do you can always share - you're entitled to a Wobbly Wednesday or any other days of your choice. Just hope you're not keeping it all to yourself. Cheer up soon. Gilly. Oh those little shoes. Any chance they do them in a 38? Just asking for a friend. x

skipperbelle Wed 17-Jun-20 11:58:39

Good morning from an overcast South Devon. This is my first post to you all! Mick, I'm so glad your lounge is being reopened. It should make quite a difference. Walked the dog as usual earlier and picked some cherries from a tree growing in the church car park.
Take care everyone smile

Aldom Wed 17-Jun-20 11:59:49

Just wanted to say I am so pleased for you Gillybob and Marydol

Ruby41 Wed 17-Jun-20 12:41:35

Welcome back, Auntieflo and anyone else who's been having ' a bit of a wobble'.

Daisyboots Wed 17-Jun-20 12:48:28

Late to the party as usual but hello from a mostly cloudy Silver Coast Portugal. Just couldnt get myself together this morning.
Just love Evie button's new shoes Gillybob they are so cute. Just wish they had sold such lovely shoes when I was little. Grandmafrench hotters did a mary jane shoe with a floral pattern when I last bought some but they didnt have my size 42 so ended up with a saxe blue instead. Thank you for your kind words too.

Welcome Jbl1 It's a friendly group here on the GM thread. There are a few posters who live in the area where I lived before moving abroad so it's nice to see what is happening in their area as one of my DDs still lives there.
Another lovely photo Urmstongran and what a great view you have.

Hope everyone has a good a day as possible.

CherryCezzy Wed 17-Jun-20 13:21:06

Afternoon everyone from a grey Gower. Started off this way yesterday but brightened up, I don't think that will happen today.

The day started off so well for me yesterday but in the afternoon I felt decidedly queasy which developed into a bout of S&D 🙄. I'm convinced it was the chicken we bought and cooked on Sunday, I wasn't exactly too good on Monday either. Still feeling a bit peaky - not sure I'll be eating any chicken for a while!

gillybob, I love Evie's shoes, do they do them in a size 3 (36) 😁 ?

Rant away Susan if it helps, you are amongst friends here.
That goes for all of you here, life is not always apple pie and roses. 💐 for all of you who need some.

Welcome to GN jmpl and skipperbelle 👋.

Got my group quiz shortly so will love you and leave you.
Be kind to yourselves one and all ❤️

brook2704 Wed 17-Jun-20 15:06:11

What lovely new shoes little Evie has chosen gillybob 😀❤️

Georgesgran Wed 17-Jun-20 16:04:18

Good afternoon-late in posting today as have been with DH at Hospital all day - separate appointments in different departments and not worth driving 22 miles home in between them.

A glorious day in Newcastle and I sat in the sun in one of the courtyards whilst waiting.
DD1 had to come along to help and reported DGS on his first day back at Nursery ran in - jumping for joy and shouting!
She’s off to shampoo her sofa and rug now he’s out of the way.

Grandmafrench - you’re very right about the car - it’s just metal and will mend. Luckily the reversing camera thing hasn’t been damaged - just my pride!

Hope everyone is well?
Love those shoes, Gillybob!