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Good Evening Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 26-Jun-20 15:10:54

Hi! How about a Scotch joke to lighten things up!? This came from "The Oldie" mag. and I'd appreciate a translation! confused

A laird and his ghillie are fishing not far from Edinburgh.
'Ah,' says the laird. 'I've been bitten on the nose.'
The laird's nose starts bleeding.
Oh, your lairdship, I'm so sorry – that's a rare horsefly,' says the ghillie. 'It normally likes to bite a horse's arse.'
You're not saying my face is indistinguishable from a horse's arse?' says the outraged laird.
'Och,' said the ghillie. 'This type of horsefly is a clever, wee one. It isn't bamboozled easily.'

It's amazing what a bit of warm weather and a couple of drinks can do to some people's brains!
The unusual aspect of the B'mouth Beach Bonanza was the apparent lack of rioting. Many years ago it was common for gangs of Mods on their Vespas and Rockers on m'bikes to meet up at seaside towns within easy reach from London, such as Sarfend and have a bit of a riot! grin
Our Michelle and family live in B'Mouth. Remember when a couple of years ago she enquired about the number of beige cardis and wondered if our members favoured them?
Even Sir Ken Dodd called his afternoon matinee shows "Fifty shades of Beige" grin
So what's happened to staid B'mouth.? Must ask M this week-end.

My red-letter day today! Eventually managed to get shorn; Andrew said I look 15 years younger! No facemasks in use either. grin
Recent blood tests all OK within the appropriate ranges, so I"ll drink to that! confused
Btw, Megs What's that concoction you're signing off with!? 4 of them! Horlicks?
Good news about our girls and NZ getting to stage their Soccer World Cup! That will certainly put them on the map and deservedly so too, given all the hard work that's been put in.
No thanks to England though, voting against us! sad
Our daily "cases" are continuing to creep up each day; it was 33 today which is very low by UK standards, but enough to put a partial brake on moves to relax various restrictions!

Must retire after such an exciting day! It's almost Sat'Day so I'll say Good Health! wine wine wine

rafichagran Fri 26-Jun-20 16:46:15

Evening/Afternoon Rufus. Very hot here today. I had Grandson with me today , so his journalist Mother could meet her deadline.
We went to the woods, Grandson went in the river and insisted I walk in the stones to the other side. You guess, I slipped and my feet and sandals got a soaking. Luckily did not fall fully in.
When home we washed our hands and showered our feet, cant be too careful now.
Have a good evening.

Megs36 Fri 26-Jun-20 23:43:03

Hello Rufus, not Horlicks,more the Golden Nectar. (Cold!)
Happy Weekend🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Megs36 Sat 27-Jun-20 09:22:31

Durggh meant Amber Nectar.........