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Well now I ve got a dilemma

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BlueBelle Tue 30-Jun-20 22:37:22

My Victorian house has a fireplace in my bedroom one of those rather lovely old bedroom black lead fireplaces with a trapdoor
Well I m lying in bed hearing a lot of scuffling behind the trapdoor and realise a bird has fallen down the chimney so I pulled the curtains right back and opened the window then opened the trapdoor and there is a largish bird I can’t see its head just it’s legs and a bit of the body but the darned thing is sitting there not coming out I think it may be a rather large young seagull and I m a bit loathe to stick my arm in to get it out but I also can’t sleep with it sitting there
Watch this space

CaroL10 Wed 01-Jul-20 07:15:35

Reading this thread has made a lovely start to my day! Because of all your care Bluebelle it sounds like this story will have s very happy ending.

Riverwalk Wed 01-Jul-20 07:17:12

What a lovely outcome BlueBelle - well done you, and well done Stephen Sebastian Seagull!

grannyrebel7 Wed 01-Jul-20 07:22:39

What a lovely story!

Gingster Wed 01-Jul-20 07:27:31

Oh well done Bluebelle. You ve done all you can and hopefully the little chap will flourish. 🎖

Calendargirl Wed 01-Jul-20 07:27:43

Oh, hope he makes it!

I hope he grows up to steal chips and ice creams!


BlueBelle Wed 01-Jul-20 07:34:49

Last photo and thanks so much for your interest

Susan56 Wed 01-Jul-20 08:17:57

What a lovely tale to start the day.Well done BlueBelle and good luck Stephen Sebastian🍀

MellowYellow Wed 01-Jul-20 08:26:42

Thank you for lovely story and pics! Glad he's ok. It happens here all the time (Cornwall innit) but not down chimneys which are mostly capped. The babies tumble off my low roof onto the patio then panic. I wrap them in a towel and plonk them back on the roof. They're always ok but I always feel very protective towards them.

seacliff Wed 01-Jul-20 08:33:26

Very heart warming story. I love seagulls, that cry just means seaside and happy times to me. Well done Bluebelle.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 01-Jul-20 08:58:06

Well done Bluebell, now when they wake you up at 4 am you will know that it’s only Stephen and I’m sure he’ll bring his babies back year after year!

Seriously though, I’m really pleased that his parents found him, it doesn’t matter what an adult animal or bird grows into I’m sure we would all try to save a baby.
My DD lost all of her chickens to a group of foxes all in one go, but she still rescued a fox cub and took it to the local rescue centre.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jul-20 09:15:00

This has been too cute for words! Well done Bluebell I think you’re brave. I like birds but only from a distance. I couldn’t have shared a room, no way José!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:19:13

I must be over emotional due to lockdown but I am crying happy tears 🐦🐦

downtoearth Wed 01-Jul-20 09:33:27

Looks like mum was telling him off in the picture.
Lovely feel good story

Alexa Wed 01-Jul-20 09:39:30

Best wishes to BlueBelle, Stephen Sebastian, and Stephen Sebastian's mother.

sarahcyn Wed 01-Jul-20 09:56:36


Last photo and thanks so much for your interest

Mum: “just you wait until I get you home!”

annifrance Wed 01-Jul-20 09:57:40

What a lovely story, well done.

My friends by the sea have a nesting pair of seagulls that arrive on their roof every year and cause mayhem. The chicks slide down to the porch roof, the parents attack the postman who now won't deliver the mail! So they now have some sort of wire contraptions to keep them in one place on the roof! And a postbox by the gate!

They grow up to be pests!! but who can abandon and chick in need.

Bluegrass Wed 01-Jul-20 09:58:51

Great story, well done Bluebelle. I had happy tears on seeing the photos. Just lovely...

CrazyGrandma2 Wed 01-Jul-20 10:02:20

Fabulous story to start the day on. Makes such a change from the usual doom and gloom!

GrannySomerset Wed 01-Jul-20 10:04:46

What a joyous start to the day and complete with pictures. How brave, Bluebell, I love birds but couldn’t handle them, so think you went above and beyond. Hope the gull family is grateful!

Scottiebear Wed 01-Jul-20 10:07:40

Well done. Lovely story. Sadly I have had to put a temporary halt on feeding birds in my garden. Shame because I get such pleasure watching them. But my garden has been overtaken by pigeons, crows and seagulls. I had one lovely seagull who was landing a few feet from me. Appearing breakfast time and lunchtime. I was giving it some of the kitten biscuits I feed the hedgehogs with. Fine for a while. But now another one has arrived and is chasing her away and is very noisy. And some days several turning up. 6 pigeons eating all ground food, all day. So yesterday removed feeders for a week or so. Hardly a bird in sight, apart from one large pigeon. Hope I can get back to my blackbirds, sparrows, finches and blue tits soon.

Callistemon Wed 01-Jul-20 10:12:18

Well done, Bluebelle, and a happy ending for Stephen Sebastian Seagull, reunited with his mother!

Carooline Wed 01-Jul-20 10:14:42

You'll find a local animal rescue if you Google it.
Preferably not the RSPCA though. Their preferred option seems to be euthanasia of most Creatures 😒

Teddy123 Wed 01-Jul-20 10:16:05

Well done! A Happy Ending.

Craftycat Wed 01-Jul-20 10:16:05

Thankyou- this made my day.
So nice to have some good news. We get a lot of birds in our garden & although we have 4 cats we get so many young birds being taught to fly & feed. We have woodland opposite so I guess that explains it.
I love watching their antics. Luckily our cats are more interested in getting frogs out of the pond! I rescue at least 2 a day! I'm actually suspicious that it is the same frog to be honest. One night my husband woke to find a frog on his pillow & a very proud cat sitting watching.

Lorelei Wed 01-Jul-20 10:29:27

Great story and photos - it's always nice when people make extra efforts to help animals in trouble - to give nature a hand when it needs it. Great that SSS seems to have been reunited with mum who will now probably bring food until he can properly fledge and start terrorising holidaymakers and supplementing his diet with fish & chips etc. Well done for looking after this cute bird - wishing him a long and happy life. (And hoping his parents lecture him on next etiquette and/or build a more fortress-like next next year)