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Leicester Lockdown - really fed up

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Caramac Wed 01-Jul-20 14:31:02

I live in Leicestershire and have been very careful. I am miles away from the outbreak but still in Lockdown area.
I’m fortunate enough to have a caravan which I was really looking forward to going to on Saturday.
Now I can’t and my daughter is devastated that she cannot open her hair salon on Saturday.
Garment factory owners, (read sweatshops), in Leicester have admitted they only closed for four weeks and are refusing to close now. That’s without the (hearsay) reports of places of worship remaining open.
Two of my AC each work in a different Leicester hospital and one AC works in London Monday to Friday. Through scrupulous hygiene and care they have remained safe but it appears the practices in the garment factories and a biscuit factory, closer to my home, have spread the virus. There are reports of workers who had positive test results for Covid-19 being forced to work and told to not tell anyone their test result.
I feel factory owners could face manslaughter charges if it is proven that a factory worker died or passed on the virus to someone else who died. And rightly so, they are playing with people’s lives for profit.
I am so down in the dumps now and worry that this lockdown will continue for quite some time.
I’ve just heard Walkers Crisps have 28 Covid cases. It’s just getting worse.
I’d like to cry but I can’t, just have a mardy face on me.
Sorry for the outpour.

Caramac Wed 01-Jul-20 14:35:15

I am more concerned about my daughter’s business than the caravan.
I am worried for all my AC for different reasons.
It feels like we will never be out of this.

12Michael Wed 01-Jul-20 14:52:26

There are other places n the map as well Rochdale ,Burnley and another close by .
Also Bedford is another hotspot .
Plus looking on the BBC map my own county Northamptonshire has a high reading between 10 and 12.9 positive checks

J52 Wed 01-Jul-20 15:13:24

I have every sympathy for you. We are in a village in the south of the county, but lots of our friends are in Stoneygate and Oadby and are now in lockdown again. Some have businesses that they can’t open.
The virus has not gone anywhere and whilst people continue to mingle it will spread. There are people in all walks of life, including on here who just don’t get it.