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Callistemon Sun 26-Jul-20 20:37:43

My mouse seems to have run away.
I didn't hear it, it can't have been wearing its clogs.

Megs36 Sun 26-Jul-20 17:27:45

Only just looked at the sex change post, interesting! Reminds me of a saying of an old friend, every time one of the kids said ‘if only’, she would come out with IF your aunt had ba..s she’d be your uncle.
Keep well Rufus.

Megs36 Sun 26-Jul-20 17:18:31

Cheers🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂 keep smiling 😀

Rufus2 Sun 26-Jul-20 15:01:12

Anyone heard from Rufus in Melbourne lately?
Megs et Al; Have no fear! I'm still here! smile
I was planning a break from the "Good Evening" thread as I seem to be gathering only depressing news. Like today's stats for our "worst day ever". 579 "new cases" plus 10 deaths, 7 in nursing homes in VIC. Nothing like as bad as GB stats though.
And my Doc reckoned I'd be safer in one after my recent dizzy spells. shock
Callistemon it was the chair that fell over and I went with it; fortunately the chair didn't break!.
Kitty that "sex change" ref. sounds bad, doesn't it? But it was asking for a few "tongue-in cheek" comments {which have been a problem for me in the past hmm); all I got for my pains was another session on the naughty seat! sad

Links are easy; if I understand your problem. Highlight the bit you wish to move, place your mouse pointer on it, press Ctrl + C, place your mouse pointer in the "Message" box then press Ctrl +V .
You don't need to say "Abracadabra" although anything else might be allowed if at first you don't succeed. Good Luck! grin

Good Health. wine wine wine You still counting, Megs!?

janeainsworth Sun 26-Jul-20 14:24:45

I think he started a thread a few days ago asking where you were, megs

Callistemon Sun 26-Jul-20 14:06:33

Yes, he did, and quite late - 14:30 our time so 23:30 Melbourne timeyesterday.

kittylester Sun 26-Jul-20 13:45:49

14.30 yesterday. Sorry, I cant do the link.

kittylester Sun 26-Jul-20 13:43:42

I think he posted on Saturday on the 'if my husband had a sex change' thread. I'll look.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Jul-20 13:00:44

Oh dear I hadn’t realised I hope he’s ok I missed that post did he say he’d injured himself
I hope he’s ok

Callistemon Sun 26-Jul-20 12:58:55

No, I just checked and he last time he posted seems to be on the 20th July when he had fallen off his chair.

hmm is he ok I wonder?

Megs36 Sun 26-Jul-20 12:41:27

Anyone heard from Rufus in Melbourne lately?