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stevierichards1954 Mon 27-Jul-20 04:48:48

Hello all. Been sometime since been here due to various health issues and family issues. Erratic sleep patterns since in lockdown and surviving the virus, but lost family and friends that didn't get to see in the end or ssay goodbye to.
The start of third week where now I not only alone physically but also emotionally.
June 2020 was where my son took his walk to the gates, two neighbours who were such great friends circummed to ill health.

MellowYellow Mon 27-Jul-20 06:52:12

Hello Stevie, I'm sorry, you are obviously having such a hard time. Maybe better to start a thread on the bereavement forum, where there should be people who can empathise and maybe bring some comfort. All the best.

Marydoll Mon 27-Jul-20 07:06:29

stevierichards1954 , I'm sorry to read you are having such a difficult time.

We already have a daily thread called, Good Morning Monday, started by Mick (Michael12) just after 6am, where you will find lots of support.
As MellowYellow says, why don't you start a thread under the Berevement heading, I'm sure you will find posters who feel the same as you , as most posters won't realise that this is a thread looking for like minded people.

I hope life starts to improve for you soon. We are all finding things very hard at the moment.

MawB Mon 27-Jul-20 08:02:46

I am sorry that life has brought you so low stevierichards and hope you will find some sympathy and comfort here on Gransnet.
As the others have said, you could try sharing your experience by starting a thread on the Bereavement forum where you will surely find understanding and empathy.