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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 29-Jul-20 14:29:31

G’Day! The blame game is well and truly underway here following our Premier’s unfortunate remark about his “Mum” and Seniors’ aged care homes Our latest roster actually had less than 300 new cases today, 289 I think, and 7 deaths prompting our TV experts to speculate about having passed the “peak”! And they are all on six-figure salaries to spout rubbish! TV weather presenters are paid just as much, except they are merely speaking from the Weather Bureau’s .song sheet! If it's wrong, so what!?
felice Welcome! Can’t remember if we’ve already met, but what’s your Quiz all about and where can you hold it, bearing in mind, self-distancing and all that: would that be via ZOOM seeing as how you’re a computer geek? Btw: What happened to the other half of that glass?
Shame about your Grandson not getting to the Zoo. He’s not called Jimmy by any chance? only you reminded me of a recent subtle joke on GN about a Jimmy asking how do you get down from an elephant!? grin

Grandmabatty Your mention of “Wolverine” had me fleeing to see Dr.Google and I must say I fled back even faster! Now I understand you having a bit of a hard day! Apparently it’s also called a “Gulo Gulo” and I thought, what a novel GN nickname! “Neil” appears to be associated with “derring dos”; and used to carry Scottish overtones, I believe, although our No 2, Ian was, and still is, more sedate! Vera picked them, largely to avoid her pet hate, diminutives such as you get with James (Jim) or Thomas etc, but why I don’t know because we have a 3-syllable surname so their mates latched on to the first one and added an ‘o’ to the end!
I’m always amused when asked to name mother’s maiden name as one of my “secret questions”! A good Lancashire name “Higginbottom”; not easily forgotten although I sometimes stumble as to whether it’s “botham”! grin

AGA44 Strewth! You’re 14 month old grandson wouldn’t have liked the wash/rinse cycle! Not sure about the “spin”! How have you headed him off from a repeat performance other than pulling the plug out. Once would be more than enough, I would imagine! hmm

Callistemon I think you’ve heard correctly about our Premier being an idiot, but what are those “words to that effect”? You claimed some time ago to be as blunt as any Aussie, so go for it!; I’m unshockable! I posted a dictionary of Aussie slang last year and I can post again if you’ve lost it!
Actually, our Labour Premiers are to be found amongst the Trade Union ranks, especially here in VIC.

Megs You’re trying to confuse me! Now I’ve got “comforter” to worry about, unless that “glamorous presenter” is the comforter in which case I've been barking up the wrong tree. You must tell me where to find her and with that happy thought to comfort me, I’ll bid you all sweet dreams.
Good Health wine wine wine

AGAA4 Wed 29-Jul-20 16:50:11

Rufus glad to hear the virus cases are falling there. Spain seems to be on the up and they have stopped allowing people from the UK to fly there unless essential.

My daughter and her family were due to fly to the islands on Friday but can't go now. The teenagers are a bit grumpy about losing their holiday in the sun as we don't often see it here.

Keep safe.

Callistemon Wed 29-Jul-20 17:25:19

I couldn't possibly post it on an open forum Rufus!
Suffice to say, it was worse than "a flaming galah" or "a drongo".
I don't know what political colour he is or even who he is! Just that he's viewed as an idiot.

If you choose names that can't be shortened for your children, someone will find a way of lengthening them anyway.

Stay safe, keep warm, we're expecting 28C on Friday.
Cheers wine

Grandmabatty Wed 29-Jul-20 17:33:08

Rufus2 lovely to hear from you. The name 'Wolverine' is hiding his real name which is based on the character in the film. He is normally a sunny wee individual so hopefully he'll revert back. Yes, derring do describes my Neil perfectly. I have friends arriving shortly so I'll love you and leave you as they say. X