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Lockdown absent mindedness - Hilarity at the checkout!

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merlotgran Wed 29-Jul-20 16:13:40

I was in Sainsbury's this morning, standing in my allotted space, waiting to enter the conveyer belt zone which leads to the payment area, smiling at the woman in front of me - two meters away, Natch!

She was making faces back at me, rolling her eyes etc., because the person paying had obviously gone in for a chat and the queue was starting to look alarmingly long. When it was her turn she fumbled with quite a few items because she was wearing disposable gloves which I think were a bit slippery but of course nobody could help her.

Suddenly she started to wail, 'My bag. Where's my bag? I can't find my bag!' I felt sorry for her distress because it's every woman's nightmare. I suggested she go back to the aisle she had last been in. Obviously her stuff would be OK on the conveyer belt.

As she started to walk past the queue I pointed to her back and shouted, 'Is that it?'

grin grin grin

The whole queue burst out laughing. Thankfully, so did the woman. She said it was her first time out and she'd been so focused on remembering her mask, glasses on or off, gloves or no gloves, hand gel, not touching her face etc., that she'd forgotten she'd converted her bag into back pack mode before leaving the house so she'd have both hands free to deal with everything.

She certainly gave us all a welcome moment of hilarity. grin

PaperMonster Wed 29-Jul-20 18:05:47

Oh bless her - sounds like something I’d end up doing!

merlotgran Wed 29-Jul-20 19:42:53

Prior to that I went to Argos (at the back of Sainsbury's) to return a roller blind which had been delivered but was the wrong size.

Although the receipt was taped to the outer packaging the assistant said they couldn't accept it because there was no proof of purchase!! I pointed to the receipt but he said I would need the e-mail confirming the delivery. I told him I had obviously received it because if I hadn't I wouldn't be able to return it!

He suggested I look at my e-mails on my phone but there was no signal. He told me to use their WiFi but when I tried to connect I got a message saying it was unsafe.

I finally lost my cool when he said just taking them back wasn't enough proof as 'some people could have got them out of a skip or something.' angry angry

The manager wasn't much help either but I finally got my refund because I'd used my Argos card and not a debit card.

An empty shop and unhelpful staff. How is that going to help the current situation in retail?

I won't print my response but he got the manager. grin

merlotgran Wed 29-Jul-20 19:44:26

That last sentence turned up in the wrong place. grin