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Funny views from "the other side", ie MN

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welbeck Mon 03-Aug-20 16:54:44

this made me laugh out loud.
to see ourselves as others see us....
since it's from the same stable, MN, thought it would be ok to signpost you there. hope that's allowed.

AGAA4 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:59:14

Welbeck I'm surprised we can find our own way home according to this thread.

cornergran Mon 03-Aug-20 16:59:27

Seems kind enough and yes, made me smile, some the comments fit Mr C for sure, he has our lot in stitches. I also learned something about the aubergine emoji I didn't know before. grin. Now wondering if I've ever used it. grin.

Maggiemaybe Mon 03-Aug-20 17:02:45

Oh dear. grin I love the one where mum had managed to set the confetti effect for her phone. Then sent a text to say a friend had passed away after a long illness, which sad news was accompanied by a shower of confetti.

MissTree Mon 03-Aug-20 17:02:48

Made me laugh too 🤣😂🤣

I couldn’t get hold of my SIL .
I said I thought she had a mobile phone now .
Oh yes she said but I didn’t have it with me. I was going out.

Maggiemaybe Mon 03-Aug-20 17:03:42

And I did not know that about the aubergine. I'm pretty certain I've never used it, hope so anyway!

Callistemon Mon 03-Aug-20 17:06:56

I'm wondering if DD has posted on there!

Grammaretto Mon 03-Aug-20 17:15:32

I laughed at the confetti too but otherwise what a patronising lot they are Bless! indeed.
I looked carefully at the usernames to check DD wasn't hiding there.
My 95yr old parents-in-law use WhatsApp every day to phone us. Sure they can no longer text but they email and their spelling is a darned sight better that some of those MUMS!!

Nortsat Mon 03-Aug-20 17:29:22

This made me laugh so much, I nearly had an asthma attack. My coughing work up Missy (our 16 year old cat), who is now pestering me for her supper!
(Missy, it too early...🐈)

ExD Mon 03-Aug-20 17:41:43

Just a bit condescending ???

I wish I could find it but there's a clip of two teenagers trying to work out how to use an old dial telephone. They just couldn't grasp that they had to take the handset off the cradle and actually turn the dial.

They're not as clever as they think.
Some very funny texts all the same grin

SueDonim Mon 03-Aug-20 17:47:17

It’s not just the ‘old folk‘! My dd sent me a message to say she was sad because her favourite plate broke when a marmot fell out of her cupboard. shock grin

Pantglas2 Mon 03-Aug-20 17:50:52

They can crow all they like but as I tell my daughter ‘I taught you how to use cutlery, tie your shoelaces, hospital corners, and all sorts of useful stuff!

B9exchange Mon 03-Aug-20 17:52:00

this one ExD? grin

welbeck Mon 03-Aug-20 17:54:28


It’s not just the ‘old folk‘! My dd sent me a message to say she was sad because her favourite plate broke when a marmot fell out of her cupboard. shock grin

! is she running a menagerie !
and no, that's not a typo for menage a trois .
lucky it wasn't an aubergine that fell out ...

Purpledaffodil Mon 03-Aug-20 17:59:15

I’ve just run aubergine 🍆 past DD and she thought everyone knew that. In addition there is 🤏 which apparently signifies “small penis”. Can’t imagine when I’ll use that piece of new knowledge 😁

SueDonim Mon 03-Aug-20 18:11:25

Haha @ aubergine, Welbeck!

The marmot turned out to be the Marmite.

seacliff Mon 03-Aug-20 19:07:18

Oh goodness, I haven't laughed that much for a while, thanks for posting the link. I was literally snorting with laughter. It did me good. I must have a strange sense of humour. grin

I am pretty good re technology, but know my son would agree with some of the comments.

Also I remember often getting random calls from my Dad on his mobile, as I was top of the contacts. He had no idea he'd called me.

seacliff Mon 03-Aug-20 19:10:46

I will steer clear of aubergine and peach emojis.... who knew? shock

sodapop Mon 03-Aug-20 19:17:27

It's a different world, I had no idea about the aubergine thing either smile

Aldom Mon 03-Aug-20 19:58:15

I showed my daughter a little emoji of a bee hive with several bees flying around it. I have a friend, an elderly vicar who is a bee keeper. I told my daughter it would be nice to use the emoji to end a message to him. My daughter's response was, 'mum it's not a bee hive, it's a pile of poo with flies hovering!'

GrannyGravy13 Mon 03-Aug-20 20:14:17

My DD and DS’s send me veggie and fruit emojis for their farm shop list, aubergines feature in all as they are a family favourite as are peaches in season 🤣🤣🤣🤣

welbeck Mon 03-Aug-20 23:35:16

i seem to remember reading of a court case that featured lots of messaging.
the judge was puzzled by the frequent appearance of vegetables among very racy comments, so asked about the significance of the aubergine emoji.
it was like a modern-day, what are these beetles ?, moment.

welbeck Mon 03-Aug-20 23:40:38

Seacliff, glad you enjoyed them, as did i. needed a laugh.
i loved the story about repeatedly phoning her daughter using the tv remote control; i can imagine doing that.
i get annoyed by radio adverts that feature a ding-dong doorbell.
i get a kind of pavlovian stress reaction every time.

Jangran99 Mon 03-Aug-20 23:57:56

Reminds me of the story of some young folks sneering about how could we have lived without all today's wonderful technology.The old man pointed out that sure enough we didn't have such marvels-
So we invented them!!!!

Marmight Tue 04-Aug-20 00:58:17

Well you live & learn. I had to Google the aubergine emoji and will now make sure I avoid it and the teardrop and mouth emojis on the same page. blush I blame my naivety on my convent education wink