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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 15-Aug-20 14:30:28

Two very good progs on TV this evening. Watched “The Flying Scotsman” (steam) doing inaugural record-breaking runs on the LNER London-Edinburgh line; tear-jerking nostalgia! Then “Last Tango in Halifax”! The story has moved on 7 years, so they say, but of course the actors don’t look a day older than the last series.
Marvellous thing this modern recording technology; 2 progs at a time. My queue of recordings waiting to be watched grows ever longer.
Life is so busy these days what with views of travellers worldwide rushing around trying to beat dead-lines. I thought the idea of holidays was to relax, but not anymore by the look of it; is this the “new normal”?
303 new cases and 4 deaths yesterday and maybe our curfew and stage 4 may be working!
Another Zoom session tomorrow morning. It’s strange how these activities don’t attract the fellas! Just like Gransnet; except we can see each other and the ladies all look kindly with no "attitudes!" at least no “thumbs down”, yet!
Two young ladies in our local Council are embarking on a survey of elderly pupils at our Neighbourhood House “school” to determine whether technology “tools” (computers?) can combat loneliness due to the lockdown. If you haven’t had one, how would you know? confused
Back to the Flying Scotsman; as it approached Edinburgh, mention was made of “Scottish Borders”(I think that was it) which is an area obviously rather than a place and does it signify anything special?

Weather here still very bearable. actually quite warm in the sun out the back of the house facing North, but not enough to strip off for a sun-tan yet; only 16C.
Now I must go and compose some questions for Zoom; there’s no shortage of those!
Btw Megs I’m composing this in “Word” so that I can "save" it just in case it disappears in the GN system. Then copy/paste to GN; Easy! smile

Good Health wine wine wine