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seacliff Tue 18-Aug-20 22:26:26

Am I allowed to discuss this? Testing....clock ticking

Marydoll Tue 18-Aug-20 23:03:50

Did you know that although rhubarb is botanically a vegetable, it’s classified as a fruit in the United States.

Nothing controversial here.😉

Bellanonna Tue 18-Aug-20 23:21:33

It’s always been a fruit to me, MD. My mother used to bottle it and stew it, served with custard. My dad made rhubarb wine. I wouldn’t actually think of serving it as a veg
though perhaps botanically it is a vegetable. In the same way, I regard tomatoes as vegetables even if they’re a fruit.

I think I could have missed the point of the OP though! Is it a forbidden subject? 🤔