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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:26:35

“Ever stop to think and forget to start again?

Excuse my absence, but there is a multitude of tasks requiring attention and to think of all the accomplishments I had in mind at the start of this lockdown.!
TV has been of little help with several must-see progs. even if recorded, they must be watched later.
A very interesting one, which you’ve already seen concerned The Princess Royal’s 70th. Just like the rest of the Royal Family, she must be very fit to fulfil all those engagements and even having to attend all those evening banquets instead of staying in and putting her feet up.
My word, she certainly earns her keep! hmm

Our weekly Zoom sessions are proceeding well on Thursdays and Sundays; the latter puts me in mind of what a GN Zoom session must be like, all ladies apart from one Grandad interloper, but they all make me welcome!

Michael P. gets around; he was in Indonesia last evening sampling revolting local dishes again. IMO that’s not a perk of the job. And he still manages to secure a seat on any mode of transport all to himself, (and a camera-man of course,), despite all the teeming millions of tourists and locals pushing and shoving everywhere.

Our Michelle (B’mouth) was describing the ins-and-outs of the Govt’s half price meal tickets. I suppose there must be some who’d refuse to accept charity; probably go out deliberately on Thursdays on principle. Judging by some of the anti-Govt. attitudes currently being expressed on various threads there’ll be more than a few decliners.
I must ask her as to how “distancing” and restaurant numbers are affecting this.

Freezing here today and the ever-smiling TV weather girls say there will be an even colder “snap” all weekend! Good to see the lighter evenings, though!
Our daffs are now beginning to wilt after a very good season, “tossing their heads in spritely dance”.
Our stats confirm another day yesterday of “new cases” below 300, but sadly still no drop in deaths.
TV News this evening confirmed that we have secured pole position regarding the Oxford Uni’s vaccine trials. Apparently we have pre-ordered the rights to manufacture 25 million “shots” in OZ, subject to it working of course and even now there is talk as to whether to make it mandatory. The Civil Rights crowd might have some input there. Hanging back until the 20 millionth has been injected successfully might be a good move.
I’ve forgotten what my Scotch homework was; I can’t say the Scotch terrier ate it “cos we ain’t got one! grin
Oh dear, that’s enough of that!
Good Health wine wine wine

BlueSky Wed 19-Aug-20 13:40:45

I Rufus I thought I hadn't seen your posts glad there's no problems, must be my anxiety but always think Covid! Not been too good myself and yes you guessed it, I thought Covid! I like Michael Portillo too, such a charming gentleman and what a job! He gets paid handsomely to travel the world! Take care brewwine

Marydoll Wed 19-Aug-20 13:43:08

Rufus, despite our spats in the past, I'm glad to see you are OK.

Jane10 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:52:27

Rufus2 do you ever see Joanna Lumley's travel programmes? She's such a good presenter and seems to be great fun too. Although she's so glamorous she's quite happy to make a fool of herself.
I've just had a letter informing me that the 'Oldie' is going up in price. It's not a huge jump and it's still very good value for such a good read.
I wish there could be a vaccine soon but am resigned to life as it is now ie restricted.
I don't suppose you have the 'Eat out to help out' programme in Oz. We took advantage of this yesterday and had a lovely meal with £20 off. It was nice to just be in a restaurant at all and to see other people. It was all carefully managed and the staff made everything seem safe and straightforward.
Well, I'm off to the hairdressers. Must get organised. It'll be a long job. No magazines or cup of tea any more but it'll be great to lose the extra inches off my hair. (If only they would come off other places on me so easily!)

Grandmabatty Wed 19-Aug-20 14:11:06

Rufus2 glad to see you back. Your homework was moudiewart, an animal but what kind? I tried zoom for the first time on Monday at a craft class but it wasn't very successful. Neither were the origami flowers I was supposed to be making. It has turned out to be a lovely afternoon here. Blue skies and sunshine. I'm waiting for friends to call so bbfn.

Rufus2 Wed 19-Aug-20 14:45:03

when we had our little spats, he had only to smile to get back on the right side of me'
Marydoll Thank you very much for your kind words. I don't intend to put more words in your mouth, but I thought I'd check out whether "spat" had different connotations in Glasgow.
Collins came up with the above so I'm hoping you can endorse that!; even with tongue in cheek. smile
Believe it or not, I've reformed having been in the company of lovely ladies most evenings. hmm
I know you and your DH are having more than your share of problems and I wish you both well.
Thanks again!
Good Health

Marydoll Wed 19-Aug-20 15:00:33

Pax, Rufus. 🕊️

Megs36 Wed 19-Aug-20 17:46:07

Welcome you've been missed Rufus and forgiven( is that the right word?)
Cheers for your message, invite in the ether!

Jane10 Wed 19-Aug-20 18:28:37

What has he done that requires him to be forgiven?