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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 20-Aug-20 14:48:18

It'll be great to lose the extra inches off my hair. (If only they would come off other places on me so easily!

Jane What on earth do you mean? Eric M. would say “There’s no answer to that” and I”d have to agree! wink

Still here! Hope you are all keeping fighting fit!
My “forgiveness” must arise from voicing the following, but then having second thoughts! It might just be about stopping me from going mad!

I must admit I'm seriously looking at putting my contribution to the "Good Evening" thread into receivership due to escalating production costs caused by^ the ageing equipment and increased demand for more^ and more lubrication materials, not to mention home-^delivery costs now having to be factored in.” We’ll^ see! hmm

We don’t have the “2 for the price of 1” cheap meal scheme, but not being allowed out makes it irrelevant. Same goes for “old” stock, so far as I know.

This evening we went off on a train journey from Oslo right up to the top of Norway! Marvellous scenery, of course! It was a Channel 5 production and the commentator was off camera the whole time, unlike Michael P. who’s forever part of the scenery and filling his face with disgusting local “delicacies” , especially when he’s in the East!
Yes, Joanna does interesting train progs such as Japan and Siberia and is still quite attractive “for her age” as my Doc. might add!
I’m currently getting my evening laughs watching Carol Burnett sketches on YouTube. They mostly last about 10 mins. so don’t require a lot of concentration.
I was startled to see in the blurb that she’s 87! No current pic. of her; reminded me of the time not long ago when a Pic of Christine Keeler appeared in the press taken just before her death, pushing a shopping trolley in a car park. She looked terrible and pathetic; of course the article had to carry that famous picture of her sitting on that chair, back in the 1960s.

Next week will be a documentary on the Salisbury/Russian goings-on, which should be interesting..
Megs Not sure if my “forgiveness” is for doing something I shouldn’t have; as the eldest of 3 siblings I was always copping the blame for any “accidents”; “you should know better at your age!” Only joking; I think I know what you mean! grin

Our stats of new cases show a slight daily decline, but deaths are stubbornly staying in the mid teens, mainly elderly in nursing homes. A Commission is investigating how our 2nd. wave came about and the blame game is well and truly under way! Many people facing the Commission must now be waking up in the morning and thinking “Oh no! Not again!”

Grandmabatty Thank you for the homework reminder! Now it’s my turn to set you a test, but I’ll make it easy for starters. Seen any good thunderstorms lately.? Weather here is boring bland, cold and wet and yet it’s only 11 days to Spring. Being Melbourne it could be 30C on Sept.1st I wish! hmm

Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Thu 20-Aug-20 16:21:04

Just to make you jealous, the Oldie arrived this morning. I've rationed myself to only a third of it at a time otherwise the whole day would be swallowed up. It's going up in price but it's worth it to me.
Just trying to work out what to watch on TV now I've finished the Sopranos.
We're due storm Ellen tonight. It's dangerously humid (for Scotland) and dark clouds are gathering. The winds increasing (and the weather's no better. Sorry blush couldn't resist)

Grandmabatty Thu 20-Aug-20 17:20:29

Rufus2 no good or bad thunderstorms since last week! And that was enough for anyone. We are supposed to have high winds tomorrow so I've cleared the garden of anything that might fly away! I'm having a lie down as my neck and shoulders have been giving me problems the last few days and it's more comfortable to lie flat. We've had a rather unseasonal summer here this year. I'm hoping for a better autumn. Bye now.