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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Tue 25-Aug-20 03:40:26

Absolutely wrung out! hmm Heavy evening of SBS TV; First up was the German WW2 blitz on Liverpool; 8 nights of terror, finishing up with a concentrated attack on Bootle where 85% of buildings were damaged or totally destroyed.
Next was an excellent doco on the Salisbury poisonings; a 4- part series with Part 2 tomorrow. Well presented and well acted.
The other evening news is almost tame by comparison, fortunately with lowest daily new cases for 7 weeks, although 17 deaths is still comparatively high; mainly elderly of course.
Now our Premier is talking of restrictions being extended by 12 months, but I’m not sure at what stage or level. Not at the present level surely? The citizens would go mad en masse! Now there are arguments as to whether he’s got the power. Politics always rears its ugly head!

Grandmabatty “OoRoo” simply means “Cheerio” in a friendly way, with no off-colour meaning as with “San fairy Ann”! Comes from the mists of time not used much in modern Aussie-speak, but I like it; more meaningful than “Cheers”.
Actually there’s a bit of a story associated with my use of it on GN, and being told to stop. Certain members don’t appreciate any messages with an OZ flavour and refuse to open them, believing they lack culture, so that’s partly why I started this “Good Evening” theme. It helps me do what I like doing, keeping my brain cells on the move. Don’t worry, they’re not reading this! grin

The lemon cookies were delicious! and I bet they disappeared quicker than your lemon drizzles. I must tell Jan about them when I give her more lemons. I’m sure she’ll know all about making them.

AGAA4 You’d love our parrots. Known as rainbow parakeets, they are just that; all the colours from “head to toe”, about the size of pigeons, but slimmer and zip around at speed. Sunflower seeds are popular and with 50 or more rainbows hopping around, with occasional squabbles breaking out, is a sight to behold.
Occasionally we get a pair of King Parrots dropping in for a pomegranate feed, but never more than two at a time. Strictly observing social distancing! They look magnificent, about twice the size, only red and dark green, but strong colours.
We came very close to snow, but although I miss waking up to gaze out onto a thick blanket of white stuff I’m happy to “unmiss” it!

Tuesday 25/8; Miracles do happen! Just logged on this morning and App. asks did I want to restore the “lost” message which I couldn’t retrieve last night! You bet!
It was almost finished and the thought of re-drafting it was a bit depressing at midnight!
So !’m sending it now at your unearthly hour, (insomniacs excepted)
Sun is actually shining! smile
Good Health Too early for wine! It's called self-control!

Grandmabatty Tue 25-Aug-20 09:36:00

Thanjs Rufus2 for your explanation of Ooroo. I would have replied last night but fell asleep after watching dgs who is lively to say the least! It's a horrible day here and him and I will have a playing in the house day.

Megs36 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:50:17

Carryon your Good-evening posts Rufus , I always think the Good morning posts whilst popular are a bit one sided, I have been on GN for a couple of years now and never had the welcome or comments other ‘regulars’ get despite joining in sometimes, not sure it’s an OZ flavour, I’m from the Sarth UK!!
Early morning Cheers ☕️☕️☕️