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Spelling out trouble for brass bsnds

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Jane10 Sat 29-Aug-20 09:49:57

Trouble ahead in one neighbourhood

MawB2 Sat 29-Aug-20 09:53:26


EllanVannin Sat 29-Aug-20 10:14:23

Oooh, I love a brass band grin

EllanVannin Sat 29-Aug-20 10:17:18

The author must have been brassed-off.

MiniMoon Sat 29-Aug-20 10:30:30

Ah grinshock

tanith Sat 29-Aug-20 10:52:43


Callistemon Sat 29-Aug-20 11:03:04

Nothing like a bugle call to wake everyone up and alert householders to their intentions!