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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 09-Sep-20 14:18:13

Not a lot of “good” Covid news here or at your end! Bolton, Bradford; where else? All due to disregarding the Rules, apparently. We had a slight increase in new cases and deaths reported today.
But the pollies are grimly reporting this as OK because “the long term trend” is still going down!, whilst they now talk of the 14 day average; apparently it sounds better.
Our Premier and presumably an entourage of experts are to visit their NSW counterparts to learn about “contact tracing”, as NSW represents the gold standard! Why they can’t do that sort of work via video conferencing, beats me!

More sad news today. A man was mauled to death by a white-pointer shark not far of a Gold Coast beach! He was a real-estate man in his 40s: he died at the scene!. To my mind not many deaths come worse than that which is why I’ve avoided that particular past-time! sad

Megs You can stop laughing and take your tongue out of your cheek, if you can manage that! My “importance” never scored us an invite to any garden party on the lawns of Govt. House. In fact we never got to see them let alone meet them, even at our polling station.
What I was getting at is, line up the Lord Lieutenant of Herts prior to your Blue Sapphire anniversary and the rest of his entourage will fall into place; or is it “her entourage”?
Btw; you could be right about my “space”. confused

AGAA4 That’s very interesting about your GGG. How did he get to OZ in the first place and what family was involved? Have you done, or thought of doing your family history? There could be some useful info. there!
My dear Vera completed her side of her family, which was no mean feat because although she was an only child (her father shot through as soon as she was born) the extended family was numerous and consisted of many “Whites”!
My side of the equation was fairly nondescript and Mam and Dad rarely talked about them beyond my Aunts and Uncles especially after we left M/c

Jaxjacky Glad to think we can bring some enjoyment from “Down Under”. Bet I beat you in a loo paper contest! How about 22 rolls!? grin

Our No.2 Son is shopping for me and either he knows something I don’t or he simply forgot, but I’m well equipped to deal with all emergencies.
When I examine his receipts from the supermarkets I notice relatively few “specials”
I realise he’s “time-short” for grocery shopping, even though he’s working from home, so he must grab the first brand of anything I’ve requested, whereas I made an art of hunting out “specials”, usually down at floor level.
Any way, beggars can’t be choosers so I simply pay up and shut up. At least it avoids squabbles because unlike me he can light a short fuse at times! hmm

Good Health wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Wed 09-Sep-20 15:08:14

Hello Rufus2 yes, the numbers are rising here too. It's not unexpected but it is a worry. I fully anticipate another lock down at some point. My uncle did a family tree and went back quite far but I don't know what he did with the information. He gave me lovely family photos going back to victorian and edwardian times. There is a definite family 'face!' It has turned quite cool here and autumn is upon us. I love this season above all others so I'll make the most of dry days and get outside. That's nice your family ensure you are fed and watered and don't spare any expense! Unless you have to pay up of course. I'm off to watch an old film called The Cruel Sea.

Jaxjacky Wed 09-Sep-20 16:00:42

Rufus2 good evening, I haven’t counted them! I saw about the shark attack, rare there I believe to have a fatality I stayed in Port Douglas for a week many years ago after a weeks work in Melbourne and Sydney. I’m a bit of a bargain hunter for food shopping, but for about three years have done ‘click and collect’ get deliveries at the moment, keeps me quiet for ages making my list! I dislike all shopping.

Have a good, late rest of your day.

AGAA4 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:16:03

Good evening Rufus2. Sadly one of our areas is in lockdown now meaning nobody can come in or leave unless essential. This was caused by people returning from holiday with the virus.
My sister has been compiling the family tree and sent me a copy of my GGGs arrest notice for vagrancy. She has found some interesting facts. We also found out that my mother had a step sister that she never knew about. Sadly they only lived half a mile from each other and were not aware of each other.
Your son is very good bringing your shopping but I understand that nobody can do our shopping as well as we can!
Have a good night.