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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 10-Sep-20 15:06:43

Whew! I’m all Zoomed out! Two sessions today, both run by our local Council, firstly in the a.m. a talk by the Stroke Foundation attended by 30 of us, mostly ladies as usual!
Wonder where the menfolk get to.?
Then a Zoom computer session in the arvo, attended by 3 of us menfolk! Wonder where the womenfolk get to? wink

My word! Haven’t had time yet to analyse what Boris said, but it seems to have caused a bit of a stir.
Our new cases appear to have stabilised around 50+, but then I think heard an expert say that we need to get down to around 5 in order to relax various conditions.
Deaths continue to occur, around 10 daily. We’re definitely in for the long haul sad

Oh dear! one of the fluoro tubes above my desk, (it’s a twin job) has literally gone on the blink. I’m forbidden to use steps and I haven’t got a back-up lamp to hand, so it must wait until No2 Son can do a click and collect.

Woke the other morning to find another house guest, a fairly large “Huntsman” spider on the ceiling above my bed. Don’t know how he got in, but although I don’t mind them, I do when they’re up there. Not sure if my mouth is open as I sleep. shock
I’m told they are not venomous, but I’ve never chanced prodding one with my finger and when captured they get dropped well outside the back door. Presumably they’re on the move again now it’s Spring.

It’s almost Friesday so I’ll get my nightcap and catch up with some beauty sleep before Zooming off again tomorrow!
Good Health wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Thu 10-Sep-20 15:52:27

Oh Rufus2 I wouldn't be happy at all for a spider like that to be above me! The numbers have risen in Scotland again, although there are few deaths so restrictions are back in place. That knocks on the head our family weekend away. Take care.

EllanVannin Thu 10-Sep-20 16:54:07

Oh dear Rufus, a Huntsman. Brings back memories of when I stayed at my daughter's, who lives in Sydney. They had a mother one on the bedroom ceiling who'd decided to dispatch hundreds of babies who were falling down like snow on their bed !
Panic stations with daughter like a white tornado out of the bedroom and left SiL to deal with it. Sheer carnage with hundreds of tiny spiders all over the place, and the mother the size of the palm of your hand looking for an escape.

The Deet was top of the shopping list. I slept with head under the bedclothes from then onwards. grin What with that and the odd roach that came through a vent I was mortified. I'm told they're good to have around as they see off other insects etc, the Huntsman not the roach.

Our virus has surged somewhat and I can see things being back to where we started in March, with some schools already closed after only just opening. What a mess.

I have no landline at the moment but don't ask me how the internet is still working. I've been over 2 hours " chatting " to the repair people who wanted to know everything but what the problem was, but an engineer is coming Monday afternoon. No consolation when you've got no phone or mobile though. It feels like a real " lock-in " for me. grin with no parole and no " phone a friend ".

I don't know where today's gone. I seem to have had just enough time to draw breath up to now and eat my mixed grill of course. Sitting with a coffee and notice that the squirrel is outside the window waiting for his peanuts. He knows when to call too. It was inside the house a few days ago and the cats took no notice of it.

When I was in Oz, I used to encourage all the wild-life. Fed the Kookaburras bacon-rinds and Fred, the blue-tongued lizard used to get a fresh lettuce from Coles every day. He was a whopper and lived in a pipe in the garden, it was his den. I talked to them all and miss them.

Hope you got your light sorted. Nothing worse than groping around in the dark. Keep a torch handy for emergencies. I've forgotten to report the flickering security light outside so must do that tomorrow. It'll be next week sometime before it's fixed. Nobody seems to be in a hurry to get things done these days.

Ah well musn't complain in these trying times.

Terrible accident in a school bus when the driver underestimated the height of a bridge. How that can happen I don't know. 3 children are seriously hurt and others had injuries with broken glass/debris. It must have really frightened the poor kids. Driver's okay so we're waiting to see/hear what went wrong.

Going to feed the squirrel now so keep safe and well. x

BlueSky Thu 10-Sep-20 18:49:02

Hi Rufus your posts are always upbeat and positive, how do you do it? Feeling low as like yourselves, various areas are back in some sort of lockdown. My regular trips Down Under are getting more and more unfeasable. Thanks for keeping our spirits up with your cheerful letters from Oz! Cheers! wine

Jaxjacky Thu 10-Sep-20 19:05:27

Rufus2 Zoomed out...a phrase last year we wouldn’t understand, but do now...unfortunately. We’re off for our 2020 ‘holiday’ tomorrow, 2 nights away in a 5* covid secure b&b, change of scenery, two hour drive, ah well, there’s plenty worse off. Have a good sleep and uneventful weekend.