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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:46:51

Still Zooming! Hope my No.2 Son turns up tomorrow with new fluoro. because the flickering was driving me nuts, but the replacement incandescent standby now seems like a relic from the dark ages!
Tomorrow promises to be very wet so an indoor day! More Zoom practice.?
We had 13 Zoomers and I must say it’s nice to see such fair faces and know when they’re smiling at humorous comments and not glowering! wink

My 8-legged house guest is now residing quietly at the far end of the house. I didn’t get round to evicting him, what with Zoom and all that stuff and I wouldn’t chuck him out in the rain tomorrow. He, (she?) hasn’t been christened yet, but I can send a pic. if you promise not to scream!

Ellan Are you sure your Huntsman wasn’t just a bad dream, or nightmare even?
Never knew they were so prolific! Good job it wasn’t a funnel-web or there would have been more than one white tornado departing in a hurry. The sonic boom would have been deafening.
Now! Mixed Grill! That’s language I haven’t heard for ages! There must be a recipe somewhere in one of Vera’s many cook books; be a change from frozen foods.

We have a railway bridge close to Southern Cross Station in central Melb. which has been hit by buses and trucks so often you wouldn’t believe. Lowering the road shouldn’t be too hard these days. Poor passengers on the top deck must be petrified when they can see what’s about to happen.

BlueSky Thanks for your encouraging words. How do I do it? Sometime ago someone asked “what was I on?” and I still haven’t fathomed as to what she meant, but I press on regardless trying to see “the bright side of life” hmm
Although there might have been a clue recently when Son No1 phoned from Brisbane to see how I was after some severe storms down here and he knows to hang on for a few minutes whilst I extricate myself from my new electric lifter armchair and locate the handpiece. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the new answering machine had cut in and recorded our conversation. When I replayed it later my voice sounded just like Eric Sykes! No wonder people ask me what part of Lancs. do I come from even after 50 years in OZ. Mind you, many excellent comedians originated there! grin

Jaxjacky Enjoy your annual 2 nights B&B holiday and I’m intrigued as to what makes it Covid free, unless, of course, you have to wear masks all the time and submit to being sprayed with disinfectant.
I haven’t worn a mask yet because I can’t wander off outside the estate, not even with Freda!
Must go! It’s Sat’Day.
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Fri 11-Sep-20 16:00:58

Hi Rufus2 I don’t think it’s free of Covid, just adhering to the rules, which it is, we’re here: sanitiser on entry, log of visitors, no papers/cushions or frippery in room, anti bac wipes,. I think they’re doing everything they can anyway!
I bet your light is really annoying..we used to get them at work like that and the switch used to turn a whole raft on/off, so you couldn’t isolate the faulty one, had to wait for maintenance. Hopefully yours will be fixed soon. Have a lovely weekend.

EllanVannin Fri 11-Sep-20 18:13:57

Hi Rufus, I heard that there's another loo roll snatch about to happen here----some bare shelves for the bare bots is the order for the weekend again I'm told.
It's not the 2nd or the 3rd wave, it's the first that never left us !
We've got another 3,600 new cases as we speak so not looking good.

Well I've done the Indian-Pacific so I'll have a go on the Ghan, Adelaide to Darwin. That'll keep me out of mischief for a couple of hours because the telly is rubbish.
I watched Michael Portillo on the Austrian railway last night ( TV ) which was nice.

Just finished a plate-full of braised steak, potatoes and carrots so I'm full to the brim, ready to nod off if the truth be known, followed by a few mini tea-cakes ----choc and marshmallow. In between getting the neighbour's washing in as it looks like rain. I think she's out because the car's not there. I can't settle if I think it's going to rain, rather gather it in and be on the safe side.

Neighbour's heading to Melbourne next April, her flight's booked anyway, then she's going to Sidney. She's looking on the bright side that the virus will be gone by then.

I did have a near-miss with a red-back when sitting on daughter's step. It crept out from between the step where the cement was missing so I shot up like a rocket while daughter bashed it with the brush. I did tell her to put a glass over it and take it somewhere where they extract venom, but it was too late, though she did say there'd be another one with it but I didn't hang around long enough to find out.

I was got at in Bowral at a motel we stayed at by bull ants coming in under the gap in the door so I covered myself in calomine and used my trousers as an anti-ant excluder. All the creatures loved me grin

I gather your light is up and running/ shining brightly now so you can see what you're talking about.

I always think of " The Plank " when Eric Sykes is mentioned. A classic piece of film that was. You'll have to watch it sometime on you-tube.

Son-in-law's family in Oz kept their Liverpool twang after spending most of their lives in Sydney.
I originally came from near St.Helens but have lived on the Wirral most of my life.

Wirral at the moment has got a surge of cases of virus and there are fears of another lockdown. It's not looking good,

Ah well, careful as we go look after yourself and keep safe. x