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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 13-Sep-20 13:09:18

Here we are again and I can even see which keys to hit after Son came round with new fluoro tube, starter and most exciting , a lunch box from local chish and fippery containing fish, dim sim, chips and potato cake. Actually able to sit out the back in warm sunshine.
Megs I’m trying to send a video file via GN, but no go! The “hi!” cropped up because the system asked for a message as usual, but it got away from me and “Created conversation” instead. I’ll ask GNHQ for help!

Usual rent-a-crowd out again today demanding their “rights” to not wear masks etc and lots of TV News shots of young ladies being dragged kicking, screaming and swearing out of cars and what have you.! Also fined for resisting arrest, not giving name, not showing ID and not wearing mask! Our State police minister appeared on TV saying he was getting sick of it and he looked it too. You can imagine what he’d really like to do, away from the TV News cameras, of course.!

Ellan Thank you for your very interesting message. If you’re having trouble sleeping, the “Ghan” is worth watching! We had that on our bucket list, but the bucket developed a hole; that was before Covid.
You referred to Michael P. and Austrian railway. Haven’t come across that one.
“Wirral” prompted me to dig out my DVD “The Wirral Line Driver’s eye view.”
West Kirby; reminded me of departing by train from there on way to Folkestone and Egypt for 2 ½ years National Service; 74 years ago! Happy Days!
No Redbacks or Huntsmen out there, only scorpions and avoided treading on them! shock

Jaxjacky You must be familiar with St. Osmund’s Church along the road in Lower Parkstone!? Such a forbidding building! I’ve just had a look on the Internet. My mother had a one-bedroom flat directly opposite and when she moved in and saw it, filling the skyline, our Michelle (B’mouth) said Mam burst into tears! Mind you, she always cried whenever we moved, which wasn’t often, fortunately and being very sociable with a sense of humour, she soon settled in.
My brother’s family lived at West Moors so they moved her to Parkstone to be closer. Later she moved into “Heathlands” which gave me a chance to stay in her flat for July, which sometimes coincided with Summer; and with a clutch of family birthdays.
Being a keen lawn bowler, Poole Park club proclaimed “visitors always welcome”, so long as you don’t win!
My dear Vera was mainly interested in trips back “home” to carry out Family History searches, archives, churches, that sort of stuff. Then she developed a taste for business class air travel which cut me right out. Being a bit of a cheapskate, I didn’t mind going steerage thinking of how I’d spend all that “saved” money!
So our worlds never collided!

I see EPL has started a new season, behind closed doors, and newly-promoted Leeds had a tough welcome. Must check how City got on before watching the recording!

Sorry if I bored you to tears with all that, but it’s always enjoyable to stir up the memory cells. smile
Good Health wine wine wine

JackieBee1 Sun 13-Sep-20 13:16:55

Interesting hearing from down under smile x

Marydoll Sun 13-Sep-20 13:20:08

Rufus, GN does not have the functionality to send attachments nor video files.

The only way to do so, is if you have a user's email address.

EllanVannin Sun 13-Sep-20 15:09:17

Hiya Rufus. I enjoyed watching the " Ghan " ( enlarged screen ) and loved the journey as well as the commentary about how it got its name.
I made a mistake in thinking it went upwards to Darwin but it goes across to Adelaide from Sydney. I think it goes to Darwin from Adelaide on a separate journey. I'm not too sure.

I'm not a million miles from West Kirby, on the same coast. Fancy you being on the Wirral Line though not for pleasure I noted. Quite primitive against the rail system in Australia----even India have us beaten with their rail journeys. I'm afraid the UK has fallen back on engineering and ship-building as was once renowned for in days gone by. sad.

Weather-wise, we've got a lovely warm day today ( Sunday ) so all the plebs will be gathering on the shore and in restaurants etc. People are naturally drawn to the seaside I can appreciate that but the place is on Government " watch " because of the rise in Covid cases recently. I'm afraid it won't deter many sadly, then they wonder why there are as many cases as there are shock while many of us mugs abide by the rules.

I think the anti-vaxxers tried to demonstrate here, well in London anyway, so I hope they've been sent packing.

Glad you can sit out and enjoy a drop of sunshine, you must keep those Vit.D levels up it does make a difference to your general health. We'll make the most of it here before the onslaught of winter ( terrible thought ) roll on Spring.

Take care and stay safe x

Jaxjacky Sun 13-Sep-20 15:29:58

Rufus2 So that was the building we saw! Reminded me of the old pumping stations, which I’ve always, for some reason, been fascinated by! We’ve had a lovely weekend in Poole, glorious weather, crazy golf, beach and of course watched Leeds, an entertaining game, they didn’t disgrace themselves at all. I’m so pleased you got your light fixed, seemingly small things can be so flipping annoying. We know of some people who have been ignoring the track and trace guidance in the local, to ‘register’ when you attend. Well, said hostelry has apparently, from tomorrow, a policy of no registration, no service. In a small village, with two pubs, unless they conform, they’ll go thirsty. Pity people can’t do as they’re asked, thus it ever was!

Megs36 Sun 13-Sep-20 18:07:22

Hi Rufus, good to talk!
Weather is pretty amazing here still, had good weather almost the whole of lockdown and it continues now.
Gson in NSW is ‘alright’ and going on holiday next week to Byron Bay so still enjoying life, oh to be young!
Iguess your Chish and fips were welcome, we had it delivered again on Friday and had a friend to share it with, only the second person inthe house since March, although son and wife also came in yesterday, which was lovely,almost felt normal.
We are booked to have a short break by coach toCornwall at the end of October but Iwonder if it’s still on with rule of 6, won’t worry if it’s cancelled because we are not too good getting about atm.
Cheers 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

Elizabeth1 Sun 13-Sep-20 18:54:30

Today’s been quite lovely after a sticky start to the day with wind and rain I’ve been for the dreaded walk with the help of the walking stick I managed a fair distance considering my ability or lack of ability. Sister burned the duck setting off the smoke detector and split the pancakes - try filling a split pancake with one hand I’m afraid it’s not so easy Now watching James Herriot it was good first time around and looks interesting this time. Otherwise life’s getting better no complaints keeping safe within the government guidelines. Hope everyone else is too. Keep safe everyone. smile

Rufus2 Mon 14-Sep-20 07:57:09

GN does not have the functionality to send attachments nor video files
Marydoll Thanks for that! Sender of URL forwarded source which is YouTube would you believe and is now on Gransnet.
What with having GN on the one hand and a Zoom group of mainly Grannies here, I have to stop and think which virtual hemisphere I'm in at any given moment. grin
Good Health

Marydoll Mon 14-Sep-20 08:07:51

Glad you managed to sort it! Keep well!