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Rule of six?

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MawB2 Mon 14-Sep-20 07:51:50

An article in the DT this morning suggested that 6 is the ideal number for many things- the writer suggests people for a meal, that’s predictable enough.

Or 6 good friends -?

Or jeans for instance - for me that would be 1x dark denim which fit,1x mid-indigo which fit, ( and the same again which I might get into again one day ) plus 1 pair black and 1 pair white .
Anyway it got me thinking.

The school summer holidays always used to be 6 weeks long.

Boots - looking in the cupboard - 1 x black furry comfy, 1 x brown furry comfy, 1x blue suede also furry and comfy, 1x black smart, 1x brown smart, 1 x long knee length which I never wear because I live in trousers but they are too good to chuck!

Can you think of any more?

Whitewavemark2 Mon 14-Sep-20 08:16:46

1.Lara Lettice,
2. Milo Arthur,
3.Cassia Peaches,
4.Theodore Apollo,
6.Wilfred Laurie Nicholas.

Admitting to no more - 6 is enough.

Iam64 Mon 14-Sep-20 08:17:31

Oh dear MawB, I'm currently down to one dog. Until a couple years ago I had three. The first thing that sprang into my mind when I read your post was six dogs. This way madness goes....

rowyn Mon 14-Sep-20 09:44:05

Off piste, but it made me think about the rule of 6 and a question came to mind.
If you have 2 children who are in bed and asleep by 7.30, can you invite 4 adults to dinner without breaking the rule?

MawB2 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:45:04

Hattie of course No 6 dog
In my childhood - Hamish, a tricolour Cavalier
Once we had children - Islay, black Lab
Jock, fawn greyhound
Icy, brindle greyhound
Gracie , white and black hound

GrammarGrandma Mon 14-Sep-20 09:48:31

6 pairs of jeans? I don't have one.

hicaz46 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:58:22

Rowyn that was my thought, if my grandson stays in his room playing his X box does he count. Can he swap with his sister so that she goes to her room and we see him. (There are 5 of them and 2 of us) I think I know the answer but .....

GrannySomerset Mon 14-Sep-20 10:14:46

Interesting how, whatever the rule, it is human nature to try to circumvent it! I

Teacheranne Mon 14-Sep-20 10:32:38


Interesting how, whatever the rule, it is human nature to try to circumvent it! I

Agree with you, so many people trying to get round the rules - I know the ones on here were tongue in cheek ( or I hope so) but I know lots of people who are contriving ways to meet up. Considering the rules previously was only two households indoors, as a single person, I am better off now.

JenniferEccles Mon 14-Sep-20 10:44:45

I was thinking exactly the same thing GrannySomerset !

I wonder if the government works on the assumption that probably only around 80% will stick rigidly to the rules?

I remember reading how astounded they were with the level of compliance with the lockdown, so maybe that was also based on similar thinking.

hicaz46 Mon 14-Sep-20 10:46:34

Yes my comment was tongue in cheek. My DS lives over 3 hours away and we haven’t seen him and his family since before Christmas as he was due to visit when we went into lockdown. I do not want to spend a night in a hotel (which we would need to do if we visited) so we will just have to wait again.

Longdistancegrnny Mon 14-Sep-20 10:46:54

6 pairs of shoes?
We went for 5 days away last week and I took 6 pairs of shoes - 2 pairs of loafers (for wearing with different outfits) 1 smart pair of heels for posh meal out, 1 pair comfy old trainers for walking/cycling, 1 pair of flipflops for beach and 1 spare (plimsolls)......bad news, I forgot to take any pants!! (Had to stop at large supermarket to stock up!)

nipsmum Mon 14-Sep-20 10:51:15

Remember children under 12 don't count in your visitor numbers.

SpecialK57 Mon 14-Sep-20 10:54:52

Rowyn and hicaz46
Rule clearly says no more than 6 people to socialise indoors or out but as far as I can see if young children are in bed asleep or older teenagers are hibernating in their rooms then they are not part of the group. If the government would only follow the lead of Wales and Scotland then this would make the whole rule clearer and also much easier for the many families with more than 2 children to follow and adhere to

NotSpaghetti Mon 14-Sep-20 10:54:53

Nipsmum I think you will find that is only true in Scotland and Wales.

Would be lovely if I'm wrong but I don't think I am

Lucca Mon 14-Sep-20 10:57:51

And now rule only applies indoors in Wales🤔

Kamiso Mon 14-Sep-20 11:00:40

One of the properly appointed experts answered a journalist’s question saying they anticipated. 80% compliance.

Doreen5 Mon 14-Sep-20 12:35:23

The rule of six applies to children (11 years and under?) in England whether they are asleep or awake.

MawB2 Mon 14-Sep-20 12:41:04

Oh dear - I should have put this in the No Covid zone!
I think more than enough has been said about the ramifications of “Six” and if you read my original post this was about something quite different.
Trying again
Coats -it seems I have six of these too!
I have one long camel “big coat”
One black and white boucle smart coat
One dark blue boiled wool smart coat
One puffa with a big zip and detachable hood
One raincoat with a fake furry half lining
One lightweight rain jacket with a hood.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:05:46

I have six pairs of extremely high heeled shoes (known as car to bar shoes)
Black patent
Cream patent
Red leather
Silver with Swarovski Chrystal heels
Pale grey patent
Navy suede

Six pairs of Birkenstock’s various colours

Iam64 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:37:20

The list of your dogs prompted me to list mine. Dog 1- spaniel, German shepherd, collie cross (rescue), cross breed (rescue) huge poodle x, smaller poodle x -current dog, spaniel. So I fit the rule of six, with our current spaniel as dog 7 and only dog for now..
we've also had several foster dogs to assess before they have gone on to adoptive families.

SueDonim Mon 14-Sep-20 14:38:53

When I lived in Nigeria eggs were sold in sevens! That always flummoxed me, being used to multiples of six. I suppose seven eggs are fine if you’re one person and have one a day but otherwise...grin

AGAA4 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:13:29

There are often 6 episodes in a series.

GillT57 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:41:13

And of course we all remember that wonderful film The Dirty Dozen Half Dozen

Wine rack: 6 spaces
Pairs of cotton PJ's 6
1 Navy Puffa Jacket
1 dog walking waterproof
1 Seasalt yellow waterproof
1 dark green cotton casual
1 camel and black wool formal coat
So only 5 coats, will need to remedy that!

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Sep-20 16:09:18

Think I might have 6 pairs of shoes in total! Don’t really like wearing them..