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An alternative to Ryvita.

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Agnieszka Sat 19-Sep-20 23:57:29

Hello everyone.
I have always enjoyed the hard crispy crunchiness of Ryvita.
However, I have been noticing recently, that the recipe seems to have changed, and the bite has gone..... to be replaced with a damp cardboard-type texture.
Has anyone else been aware of this or is it just me?
I am very disappointed that I no longer enjoy Ryvita, and wondered if any kind ladies could point me in the direction of a different brand.
I am most interested in a hard crunchy textured Crispbread.
I would appreciate all responses.
Kind regards to you all
Thank you.
Agnieszka. x

Ramblingrose22 Sun 20-Sep-20 00:02:57

Have you tried Dr Karg crackers? They are thicker and crunchier than Ryvita so fulfil the "hard crunchy textured" requirements.

Most other crackers are thinner and flakier than Ryvita. I've been thinking of trying to bake my own crackers but haven't found a recipe yet.

Chewbacca Sun 20-Sep-20 00:04:11

Agnieszka you asked the same question earlier this week; what responses did you get then? confused

Agnieszka Sun 20-Sep-20 00:09:58

Hi Chewbacca
I did indeed post this question a few days ago......but I did not see it appear on screen.
I am new to Gransnet, and not too familiar with how it all works.
How do I find my original post?
Thank you.

welbeck Sun 20-Sep-20 01:23:37

i think it appeared in the midst of a totally unrelated thread.
so you may not have got any replies there.

shysal Sun 20-Sep-20 07:11:53

Welcome to GN, Agnieszka flowers. You can find your previous posts by using the 'I'm on' button, at top and bottom of each thread on desktop, not sure about mobile site. Using 'watch this thread' is useful too for any you want to keep track of, including your own. You will get used to the way the site works. I am a technonumpty and can manage most things.

Marelli Sun 20-Sep-20 08:50:00

Agnieska, I really like Aldi's own brand of crispbread. They do a sesame seed one and an ordinary one. I prefer them to Ryvita, actually.

TwiceAsNice Sun 20-Sep-20 08:53:51

I prefer an oatcake crispy in a different way. Plain and flavoured types available

Scribbles Sun 20-Sep-20 08:59:01

Peters Yard crackers have a high crunch

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Sep-20 09:06:27

Yes! Agnieszka posted her query on my inaugural thread.
She didn't receive any replies.
It was quite a surprising diversion.

Nortsat Sun 20-Sep-20 17:55:19

I have ordered Marmite Flatbreads in my online grocery order this week (and a tub of marmite hummus)!

I realise these items require a certain mindset ... but if you’re a Marmite fan, they might be worth thinking about ...

Alishka Mon 21-Sep-20 20:48:50

Before I moved to England we always bought Wasa Roggibrod crispbreads. I think they're superior to Ryvita both in taste and texture, but I've lived here so long now I've
A quick Google shows me, tho, that Wasa are available online. Worth looking at?

arthursfam Mon 21-Sep-20 20:56:36

Another vote here for Aldi Crispbread especially the Chia & Oat one.
They are displayed with the cereals not with the biscuits

Jane10 Mon 21-Sep-20 22:18:39

Dr Karg's Emmental and pumpkin seed are very crunchy and tasty.

Agnieszka Tue 22-Sep-20 01:21:37

Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for all the very helpful replies.
Thanks especially to Ramblingrose, who suggested Dr. Kargs.
I had not heard of this one, and have duly placed an order at Amazon as they sound exactly right for me!!!!
I will also purchase the Aldi variety, after those kind recommendations from a few of you.
I appreciate having joined this Forum, and hope that possibly in the future, I will also be in a position to assist others.
Kind regards to you all.
Agnieszka x